Nowruz; Persian New Year

Nowrooz /nowru:z/ meaning "new day" in Persian is the first day of Persian calendar year. Iranians as well as people in some parts of Middle East celebrate this day. Because of this different and inspirational celebration we really recommend you visit Iran in Nowruz. The thing that really makes Iranian New-year different from other new years in other countries, is that people celebrate this day at the same time. People from different part of countries experience the same feeling that is really amazing. Nowruz is a historical heritage that is held every year. Some historians believe it dates back to 7000 years ago. Nowrooz is a nice and elegant mixture of history and myth. Fertility and agriculture the two biggest myths that has affected Nowruz. Actually, people celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring that holds fertility and plentifulness.

Nowruz, Haji Firuz

Haji Firuz in the street on the nowruz

Haft seen Table:

Iranians set a special table for Nowrooz called" Haft seen". In Persian, "haft" means 7 and "seen" is one of Persian letter that sounds /s/. It means 7 things that start with the sound /s/. But this table is not set to eat as usual or put ordinary things on; rather they put 7 certain things on it that each is a symbol of something important to Iranians. These things are not just anything and cannot be replaced by anything else; such as apple which is a symbol of health, grass as a symbol of growth, garlic, sumac, etc. And of course, coins for having a rich and wealthy year! Quran or Shahnameh and a mirror and also a goldfish in a small tank as the symbol of life are of importance. In other words, Haftseen contains all good wishes for the new year; A table inevitably kind and frank that is inherited to mankind from the past.

Time for Booking Hotels and Tours in Nowruz

If you travel to Iran in Nowruz, it means that you like to be amongst the crowd of Iranian people. Cities are full of travelers and famous attractions are very crowded. You would also have difficulties booking a hotel. Try to book both hotels and tours a few months prior to Nowruz since you have to know that you are going to attend a huge national ceremony.

City on Fire!

Last Tuesday night of each year is called "Fireworks Wednesday" which is a risky and even dangerous ceremony! Don’t be surprised if you see this ceremony! The city is not burning, this is Iranians having an ancient party. People jump across fire and somehow get cleansed for the next year. On this particular night, try to be with your Iranian friends rather than wandering the streets. Recently, the extremely loud noise of fireworks has invaded this ceremony. You have to be careful, however the whole thing is very exciting.

Holidays in Nowruz

Iran's new year has 13 days off and people would get out of cities and go into the wild on the 13th day. There would be a huge traffic jam on the roads and on the contrary you would see cities evacuated. All attractions and museums are open in Nowruz holidays.

New year in Iran

Try to be at the Haftseen table when the new year is starting. These tables would be set in each and every hotel. Everyone is congratulating the new year and hugging others, so don’t be shocked and embrace the joy. On the streets, expect smiles and happy faces.

If you stay in Shiraz, you should know that a lot of people gather around the Hafez Tomb or Persepolis and celebrate the new year together. Hafez Tomb is open at the new year's starting moment, no matter what time it is.

Iran's weather in Nowrooz

Almost every city in Iran is crowded in the period of Nowrooz. The Spring gives you the best gift of your trip. In south, you can experience a moderate climate and sometimes warm, in Qeshm, Hormoz, and Kish Islands. However, you can experience the best weather of Iran in Shiraz. In spring, Shiraz benefits from the intoxicating odor of orange blossoms across the whole city. You can enjoy a moderate climate in Isfahan, yazd, kashan, and also Tehran as well. In addition, this time of the year is a good time for Desert Tours as well. All being said, don’t forget to bring your jacket since there is a high possibility of spring rains in Iran.

Best time to travel to Iran

The best time to visit Tehran and its museums and Mount Damavand is definitely in Nowruz. In Nowruz holidays Tehraners pack their bags and go on trips. Tehran becomes a deserted place free of traffic jams and pollution. This scene is rarely seen in this mega city. So remember, best time to visit Tehran is in Nowruz. Therefore, prepration is also key for the trip. Best option is to book tickets and accommodation in advance, especially the air tickets. Buses are usually available even during the high season. 

Nowruz Shopping

Nowruz Shopping