Skiing in Iran

Ski in Iran

Iran is a pleasantly secluded and delightful nation with a remarkable culture and adventures to offer. It is especially a perfect destination for everybody who appreciates skiing. They can make sure to be invited by the ski group in Iran.

It takes about 2 hours from Tehran to reach Dizin Ski Resort, the nation's most prominent and the biggest ski resort. It is found 2,650 meters up the Alborz Mountains. Moreover, there are other surrounding resorts in the area including Shemshak and Darbandsar, which also offer great ski track and facilities. In addition, there are other ski resorts scattered all through the country including Poladkaf, Abali and so on.


Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is the biggest ski resort in Iran, situated in the 45 miles north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain. The highest ski lift reaches  3,600m, making it one of the best 40 most astounding ski resorts on the planet. also, there are 15 ski lifts varying in the degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced.

The regular ski season in Dizin is from December to May. Having a dry climate, Dizin makes for a phenomenal powder skiing. Compared to the ski resorts in Europe one can have access to plenty of untracked snow. In addition, Dizin enjoy a very high number of sunny days during the ski season and together with the powder snow, you might surprisingly find yourself in your best ski trip to date!

There are two ways to get to Dizin. First is from Chalous Road going through 'Velayat Village' and getting to Dizin. Taking Chalous, the distance from Tehran is about 115 kilometrs and it should take about two hours to reach Dizin.

The other way is from the unofficially called 'Upper Road' which goes though Lavasan, Fasham, Shemshak and to Dizin. Although it is only 55 kilometrs to Shemshak when taking the Upper Road, but due to the mountainous nature of the roads it can take up to 1.5 to reach the destination.

One can take reach Dizin by taking the shuttle taxi from Azadi square or Arjantin Square for Chalous. Or if you wish to take the Upper Road, you can take the shuttle taxis from Tajrish towards Fasham and Lavasan. 

However, it will not be very convenient for those who want to ski and have their equipments with them. There are Vans and Tours and other alternatives that can be arranged easily and cost effectively. You can book a return trip for one for about $20 or rent a taxi or van anywhere from 50 - 70 USD.

We at Iran Tourism will be happy to assist you with your transportation and accommodation need. Please contact us at +98 21 24521 888 to arrange your trip. 

Below you can find useful websites for accommodation in Dizin:

Day Ticket Price :  

Saturday to Tuesday  100,000 Rials (Appx. $25)

Wednesday to Friday  130,000 Rials (Appx. $30)

General Season:

Late November – Late May

Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak is the second largest ski area in Iran, after Dizin. The slopes lie at an altitude of 2,550 m to 3,050 m above sea level. Shemshak caters for more advanced skiers and has seven ski lifts. The slopes are quite steep and there are many mogul runs. There is also night skiing available due to floodlights.

ُShemshak is one of the two ski resorts in the Lavasan Village. The other one is Darbandsar. It has less facilities than Dizin but some consider it cozier and prefer going there. On snowy days the road to Dizin is closed from Shemshak when taking the 'Upper Road' and Shemshak can be a good plan B. It is about 55 kilometers from Tehran to Shemshak.

You can make reservation online :

Day Ticket Price: 

Saturday to Tuesday  70,000 Rials (Appx. $19)

Wednesday to Friday  75,000 Rials (Appx. $20)

General Season: Mid December – Early April

Darbandsar ski resort

Darbandsar is a relatively small private resort that is located on the slopes of Mount Seechal, at Darbandsar Village about 40 miles north-west of the capital city of Tehran in the Elborz Mountains. A relatively new gondola has been installed in the resort and offers some good slopes for on and off-piste skiing and snowboarding.

It is one of the seven major ski resorts near the capital city and the second most challenging resort after Shemshak in the same region. It has a good selection of cafes at the top of the gondola station and also at the bottom. Even better, the resort is not crowded, even during the peak of the ski season!

Day Ticket Price: 850000 Rials (Appx. $24)

General Season: December – May

Ab Ali Ski Resort

The ski resort Ab Ali is located in Iran . For skiing and snowboarding, there are 4 km of slopes available. 9 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 2,400 and 2,650m

Alvares Ski Resort

Alvares is a ski resort in the Iranian province of Ardabil. It is the second standard ski resort in Iran and is situated in the hamlet of Alvares, which is located 24 kilometers away from the city of Sarein at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level.Alvares ski area can be resumed in : 1x two seats chairlift + 1x rope tow for beginners + 1x easy slope.

You need 20 to 30 minutes to reach Alvares ski resort from the city of Sareyn. The road is in good conditions but might be closed after a snowfall. You will need a good 4WD to get there. Ask the locals, they will know and do anything to help you.

Poladkaf Ski Resort

Pooladkaf is a ski resort in the south of Iran. It opened in 2002. In spite of its low latitude, it receives adequate snow due to its high elevation (usually 2 meters of snow in February). The skiing season starts in December and lasts to the end of March, or in some years April.

Pooladkaf is located in the northwest of Fars province in the middle of Zagros mountains. It is 15 km from Ardakan city and 85 km from Shiraz. The nearest international airport is Shiraz international airport

From Shiraz a small road is reaching the ski resort of Pooladkaf. there isn’t any public transportation. However Shirazian people come skiing for the day to Pooladkaf, therefore hitchhiking is a good option.from Yasuj. However, due to light traffic it might be best to take the taxi.

Nesar (Bijar) Ski Resort

Bijar is located in the Kurdistan Province of Iran at equal distance from the cities of Zanjan and Hamedan (See also Tarik Dareh ski resort). The city of Bijar, 20,000 inhabitants, is nestled at 2,000m above sea level

Only 1x ski lift serves the green slope and a part of the blue one. Kids, elders, women, men… Everyone come with enthusiasm to gather and ski togetherFor grooming the slopes, Bijar ski resort is equipped with a snow groomer

The city of Bijar can be easily reached with a minibus from Zanjan or Hamedan.

Sahand Ski Resort

The small ski resort of Sahand is located North-West of Iran in the Sahand mountain range. The resort is 50km away from Tabriz, 6th biggest city of Iran, rich of a long history and a strong economy.

This region of Iran is very cold, offering great snow conditions and long winter seasons. Sahand and Alvares (located 3 hours away from each other), are the Iranian’s northest ski resort – According to locals, you can sometimes ski until June

There is no public transportation from Tabriz to Sahand. The best way to get there is definitely to get in touch with a local.

Tarik Dareh Ski Resort

Alvand or Tarik Darreh ski resort is located 10 Kilometers South west Ganj Nameh road, Hamedan. There are 3 tele skis which give services to the skiers. The piste is equipped with dining hall, Dorm and other facilities for almost 500 people

You can reach the ski resort with car or taxi from Hamedan. For non-motorized persons, the cheaper way to get up there will be to hitchhike from the Theme Park. The road seems to be well maintained following each snow fall. Due to the wind, you might experience some nice snow walls on the way

Fereydunshahr Ski Resort

Welcome to Fereydunshahr, the most Georgian city of Iran !

Fereydunshahr is a 15,000 inhabitants city, located an elevation of 2500m in the Zagros mountain range. The city is renown for its tough winter and heavy snowfalls .

The resort is equipped with 1x small rope tow for beginners, 1x ski lift and 1x two seats chairlift which gives you access to a zipline .

To go to Fereydunshahr, the easiest way is to get a bus from Isfahan (200km East). The highway connecting the two cities is nice and well maintained all year long. The landscapes there are just mind blowing.

You can also reach Fereydunshahr by minibus starting from the resort of Chelgerd, through Chadegan.

Shirbad Ski Resort

The ski resort Shirbad is located in the Razavi Khorasan Province (Iran). For skiing and snowboarding, there are 1.1 km of slopes available. 1 lift transports the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 3,000 and 3,200 m