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Depending on how you have chosen to travel, there are several options for travelers to secure an accommodation in Iran. The direct booking through internet is not common as the most places do not support the usual international payment methods. 

Reservations can be made either by directly contacting the hotel by email or phone or you can contact a third party or an agency to make the reservation for you for a fee. 

We recommend that you make the bookings prior to your arrival, however, in low season, except during holidays,  it is safe to say that you can drop in most places with no problem. 

Although there are websites that offer online booking with the option of paying with currencies other than Rials. Usually, the booking fee is charged at the time of online reservation and the rest is payable at the hotel. 

In general, it is safer to deal directly with hotels and agents as the overall culture still leans towards personal interaction and transaction. 

We are here to help with your questions and needs. Please contact us at +98 21 24521 888 for more information.