Airport & Transportation

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Iran offers many modes of transportation.

You can catch a taxi on the street and be taken to your destination with only you and your party in the car.

This method is known as ‘dar bast’ literally meaning ‘door closed’ and it is considered somewhat a luxury mode of travel as the cities mostly offer good public transportation with much lower price.

Uber-like location based transportation mobile application is also a new and reliable way for getting around.

Snapp’ is the most well-known app of this kind and you can expect to receive a good service with a reasonable price.

Of course one can call and order taxi from the many taxi and transportation service.

When you call and request a taxi, the method is known as calling the Ajans literally meaning calling the agent.

It might be useful to know that both Snapp and Ajans offer the option of having a female driver.

All cities offer rides by bus, shuttles and shared rides known as ‘khatti’ where four passengers must fill the car before departure.

Major cities have metro rail service and the list includes Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Esfahan and Ahavaz.

Transportation to and from airports are recommended by Airport Taxis operated by Seir o Safar Company which is legitimate and well known transportation company.

Other method of transportation from airports such as buses and metro is still not very reliable or comfortable.

Air travel is also common in Iran and you can expect to book a flight easily through an agency and at a fair price.

Below you will find common bus routs and the terminals.

The Western Bus Terminal (Terminal-e- Gharb): Is known as the biggest, busiest and best equipped one. Most international buses, those heading to the Caspian Sea region and destinations west of Tehran originate and terminate here. The terminal is a ten-minute walk northwest from Azadi Square, and a few minutes walk west from the Tehran (Sadaghieh) metro station.

The Eastern Bus Terminal (Terminal-e- Shargh): Seven km north-east of Imam Hossein Square, handles buses to/from Khorasan province, as well a small number of services to the north cities of Iran.

The Southern Bus Terminal (Terminal-e- Jonoob): It is well equipped and handles buses head to/from destinations from the south of Tehran. It is 2 km east of Tehran’s main train station and easily accessible via Terminal-e-Jonoob metro stop.

The Beihaghi Bus Terminal (Terminal-e- Beihaghi): It is located beside Arzhantin Square, around 1 km west of the Mossallah metro stop. The station has services to /from most major destinations in Iran including Mashhad, Isfahan, Rasht, Shiraz, Tabriz and Yazd.


Karandish Terminal: This terminal offers services to travelers to the cities of North, South, East, and West parts of Shiraz. It is located at Pirniya Blv.

Modarres Terminal: It offers services to travelers to the cities of Eastern parts of Shiraz and is located at Modarres Boulevard.

Amir Kabir Terminal: It offers services to travelers to the small cities and towns in the South and Southwest of Shiraz and is on Amir Kabir Square.

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