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Iran is known for its abundance of cultural variety and traditions and it is considered to have one the most welcoming people when it comes to hosting visitors. The political climate may not be ideal as far as the relationships between the governments, but you can count on being welcomed with open arms in Iran by following a few simple common etiquette. 

As an Islamic country and by tradition greeting and hand shaking is reserved for the same sex and it is best to be avoided. 

There is a dress code that everybody including the tourists that must be followed in public at all times. Generally, women hair must be covered with a scarf and an overcoat that covers the body known as ‘Manteau’ which is originally a French word meaning coat or mantle. It is safe to say that although the covering up also known as ‘hejab’ is still mandatory, there is a significant change in the way people cover up and overall it is much less strictly imposed than before.

Time is rather a fluid concept and it goes to show that Iranians like to take their time and somewhat allergic to punctuality! 

Iranians are natural bargainers and you can likewise try to bargain at the bazaar for a price you can call a deal! 

Perhaps most complex and important cultural note to take is the concept of ‘Taarof’ which without a surprise there is no direct translation for it. Basically, it is an offering to another person just a way to show respect and what is said is not what it is meant! It is a tricky one and you have to see it to believe it!  

Lastly, music is an important part of Iranian culture, and we highly recommend the Iranian Tradition music which is perhaps the biggest source of pride for Iranian culture and heritage. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the culture in Iran. For more information please contact +98 21 24521 888.


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