Internet, Phone and Apps

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Depending on your mobile phone service provider, you may be able to use your mobile phone in Iran. Of course if you use your own service from your own country, there is a significant chance that you will incur roaming chargers. 

Pre-paid SIM cards are very common in Iran. You can purchase the SIM card from an authorized dealer (we recommend buying it from the airport as it may be an incontinence once you are in the city). SIM cards can be recharged at anytime at most stores and streets shops by purchasing the code and following the instructions.You may also recharge online through web or the provider's application to recharge.

For your Irancell Prepaid phones, you can charge the phone online with your prepaid bank cards online via the following website.


Don't forget to ask for a test call to make sure the service is activated. The service usually includes both phone and internet service. It a good idea to purchase an internet package to save money on data usage. 

You can also purchase a SIM card that is only for internet use. These SIM cards can work with a special modems with SIM cards or with your mobile device. 

Some of the mobile applications can be very useful during your trip. 'Snaap' an Uber-like transportation application, and applications that provide information on Metro schedule and destinations are among most useful applications.

For more information on the useful applications in Iran please visit Here.

In case you have trouble downloading mobile apps in Iran, you can use below websites to do so. Also, please keep in mind that some websites are censored in Iran. 

For iOS, you can use Sibche which is the Iranian equivalent of Apple's App Store. 

For Android you can use Cafe Bazar which is the Iranian equivalant of Google Playe. 

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