Money & Exchange

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Since the prices are fixed across the country (for authorized exchange shops), purchasing your Rials from the airport can save you some time and commute. 

Iran is not part of the international banking system, therefore, you cannot use your bank cards or credit cards including VIsa and Master Cards.  in Iran. If you like to avoid carrying cash, you can obtain Tourist’s Cards which is a prepaid Iranian credit card with a maximum balance of $5000 USD. The card can be purchased from the International Airports and it can be charged at the Tourism Bank, Melli or Sepah Banks.

The Iranian currency is Rials and it is written both in Farsi and English on the coins and notes. You will often hear the term ‘Toman’ which one Toman equals to 10 Rials, so 1000 Toman equals to 10,000 Rials.

Currency Exchange Shops can usually take care of transaction between Iran and other countries. Some banks are also equipped for international transactions and in some cases hotels may be able to help you with money and banking needs.

For assistant please contact our Tourist Assistant Program at +98 21 24521 888.


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