Visiting The South

Tehran – Kerman – Mahan – Rayen – Shahdad – Lut Desert – Tehran

Visiting The South (5 Days)

Day 1 - Tehran

(Overnight in Tehran)

In Tehran city (the current capital city of ancient Iran) take a taxi (usually yellow or green) from 80,000 RLS to 400,000 RLS depending on the distance or use ride-hailing app in Iran like Snapp to order a cab or you can take the metro in Tehran with 8 different lines that cover almost the whole city and definitely all major places.

To plan your trips using Tehran metro for intercity transportation. Using Tehran metro in combination with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and public transport means is recommended since it allows travelers to miss the city traffic and enjoy utmost reach throughout the city.

Google Maps is a useful tool (as it is in all Persian cities) for navigating around the city.

Visit Iran attractions:

  • Golestan Palace
  • Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli (National Garden)
  • Ferdows Garden (the cinema museum of Iran)
  • Tehran Grand Bazaar
  • Rey city (Shahre Rey)
  • Cheshmeh Ali
  • Rey Castle
  • Tughrol Tower
  • Niavaran Palace Complex
  • Saadabad Complex
  • Abgineh Museum of Tehran
  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Carpet Museum of Iran
  • Azadi Tower
  • Milad Tower
Visiting The South (5 Days)

Day 2 - Kerman

(Overnight in Kerman)

Fly to Kerman. Inside city, visit:

  • Harandy Museum
  • Kerman roofed & non-roofed bazaar
  • Ganjali Khan Caravansary
  • Ganjali Khan bathhouse
  • A traditional tea house
  • Herb shops

Transfer to hotel.

Visiting The South (5 Days)

Day 3 - Rayen/Mahan

(Overnight in Kerman)

Inside Kerman, visit:

  • Friday mosque portal
  • An old ice house
  • Jabalieh dome

Drive to Rayen to visit:

  • Ancient citadel of Rayen

Drive back toward Kerman. On the way, stop at Mahan to visit:

  • Shahzadeh garden
  • Shah Nematollah-e-Valy mausoleum
Visiting The South (5 Days)

Day 4 - Shahdad

(Overnight in Kerman)

Drive to Shahdad. In and around Shahdad, visit:

  • Sirch village
  • Lut Desert
    • Underground aqueducts (Kariz)
    • Kaluts
    • Salt Ponds

Back to Kerman. Transfer to hotel.

Visiting The South (5 Days)

Day 5 - Tehran

Fly to Tehran.