Iranian beverages and drinks

Iranian beverages and totally drinks in Iran are maybe the most unique one in the world. It is consisted mostly of the herbal extracts and there are no Alcoholic beverages what so ever; It is the most important part of Iranian food culture.

Instead, the main focus of Iranian beverages is on the health benefits. There is always a drink available for every issue such as sleep deprivation, headache, nausea, dizziness and…

Note that you can try each one of the followings Iranian beverages at coffee houses and “Sharbat khane” places around the town when you travel to Iran.

Hot Iranian Drink

Black Tea: Probably the most common of Iranian beverages and drinks in Iran. It is served at gatherings, ceremonies, tea houses, everywhere you could imagine.

Persian Tea
Persian Tea

Usually accompanied by sugar cubes, date fruits or other Iranian dessert. To spice it up a bit, sometimes Iranian ted is made with a pinch of cinnamon of lemon juice.

Arabic coffee: This type of drinks in Iran is served in most of the Arabic regions, and especially in southern parts of Iran. The routines and steps of preparation and serving dates long back into history and each one of them is meaningful. You can try this type of coffee in southern cities such as Bandar-e Abbas or Ahvaz.

Chehar Tokhme: A hot drink mostly served to those who are down with flue or common Cold. A mixture of 4 different herbal seeds, it helps your body to fight the viruses and keeps you hydrated at the same time. A miracle of Iranian beverages for your body.

Golgav Zaban
Golgav Zaban

Golgav Zaban: A drink for soothing your nerves and refreshing your body, especially your kidneys. This Iranian classic drink is one of the recipes that mothers always recommend their family members when they are feeling grumpy!

Cold Iranian Drink

Araghs and sherbets are the best representatives of Iranian beverages and drinks in Iran. They are cold mixture of sugar and herbal extracts from various plants such as mint, rose, saffron and… here we introduce some of them to you:

Sekanjebin Khiar:  Sekanjebin is a mixture of honey and vinegar. It helps your metabolism and detoxifies your body.

Khakshir Ablimoo: a mixture of lemonade and Flixweed. It keeps your buddy hydrated and the Flixweed helps your skin to fight acne.

Khakshir Ablimoo
Khakshir Ablimoo

Aragh Na’na: Mint extract is believed to be a cure for headaches and muscle spasm and also it is useful for stomach bloating.

Saffron and Rose water: These two substances are present in almost every Iranian meal. Their rich tastes and smells are always welcomed and unforgettable in any Persian traditional beverages, specially Sherbets.

These Persian traditional beverages are some of the best choices for letting go of steam on hot evenings and enjoying some healing effects. You can try them at ice cream shops or “Sharbat khane” places around the town.

Sugarless Iranian Drink

Dough: a mixture of water and sour yogurt. It is almost always present at Iranian dinner tables. It goes well with the taste of Iranian dishes and is full of benefits for your body.

Ab Talebi: Melon smoothie is a classic Iranian drink, which is favored by everyone especially during the hot days of summer.

Ab Havij: Carrot juice and Ice cream is one of those Iranian beverages that is always available on the menus, no matter where we go.

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