Ferdows Garden

Ferdows Garden

Ferdows Garden is a good exhibit to understand “what an Iranian garden is.” This building was constructed during the Qajar Dynasty and transformed into the Iran Museum of Cinema 2 decades ago. Today, it is one of the best gardens in Tehran, helping you better understand Iranian exterior architecture. This is one of the favorite places for photographers. Daily, dozens of locals and tourists get here only to capture the beauty of the Ferdows Garden and the cinema museum of Iran.

Overlook of Ferdows Garden

Ferdows Garden Building

Ferdows Garden Building

Accessibility: to get to Ferdows Garden Via Public transport, you can either take Line 1 of Tehran Metro (color-coded in red) and drop off at Tajrish station or Take the BRT bus to Tajrish and drop off at “Bagh-e Ferdows” station.

Open days and hours: cinema museum of Iran is open from Sundays to Thursdays, from 9 A.M. until 7 P.M and Fridays from 2 P.M until 7 P.M.

Ferdows Garden is closed on Saturdays!

Entrance fee: 200,000 RLS

Website: http://cinemamuseum.ir/

Phone number: +98 21 22705005-9

The Cinema Museum of Iran’s Summary

The Iranian Cinema Museum

The Iranian Cinema Museum

Ferdows Garden and the cinema museum of Iran were first established during Mohammad Shah of the Qajar Dynasty. It was a housing palace of one of the Royals and was supposed to be one of the most elegant gardens in Tehran. Muhammad Shah had ordered a court to be built in this neighborhood called “Muhammadie”. But he passed away before the building could be finished.

Nevertheless, it made others consider settling here and building their palaces. Ferdows Garden was one of those buildings. It is designed in Qajari Fashion on two levels. The moldings and pillars are good representatives of that era’s architecture.

“Ferdows” originates from the ancient Persian word “Pardis,” or paradise. Ancient Persians believed that paradise was an evergreen garden. So they dedicated extra effort to replicating the heaven on earth.

The Garden is boasting with tall trees and colorful flowers. The walkways and mosaics lead to water fountains in every direction of the Garden. This design still is rare to find among gardens in Tehran and Iran.

Later, the Ferdows garden underwent various transformations such as school, Film-making College, etc. In 2000, it was transformed into the Cinema Museum of Iran.

The Halls of the Iranian Cinema Museum

This cinema museum of Iran has 7 Halls in which the Filming related equipment is presented:

Hall No.1: the equipment related to the early years of the invention of the camera and the creation of the film industry worldwide and its arrival in Iran.

Hall No.2: the equipment related to Iran cinema between 1950 to 2000 with dedicated tables of some of the most famous national actors and actresses.

Hall No.3: the equipment related to Iran cinema’s international trophies and dedicated tables of the most famous International Iranian Filmmakers and artists.

Hall No.4: the equipment related to the holly defense cinema

Hall No.5: the equipment about Armenians and Iran Cinema. Armenians were among the first people who started making and editing films in Iran

Hall No.6: that equipment about teenagers and children’s cinema

Hall No.7: Equipment for dubbing, sound, and music room

Ferdows Garden, one of the luxuries Tehran gardens

Ferdows Garden, one of the luxuries of Tehran gardens

More Info about Cinema Museum of Iran

Ferdows Garden hosts cultural events such as live performances, theatre shows, classic Iranian arts, etc. This is one of the most active gardens in Tehran.

There are two cafeterias available in the Garden:

Cinema Cafe is located on the right wing of the Ferdows Garden. The menu is also worth pointing out because most servings are named after famous movie characters, events, etc.

Viuna Cafe: a Branch of Viuna Chain Store is located in Ferdows Garden, and maybe this is the best one of them all.

Theatres: Ferdows Garden has 2 Movie theatres. You can get the tickets online or from the ticket booth in the Garden.

Gift shops: a couple of gift shops are available in Ferdows Garden. You can get your hands on clothes, accessories, sweets, etc.

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