The Best Restaurants in Kashan, from Luxury to Traditional

Restaurants in Kashan

Restaurants in Kashan

The historical and traditional city of Kashan is one of the cities that attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Due to its old structure and proximity to parts such as Qamsar, Niaser, Aran, Bidgol, Barzak, etc., Kashan has become one of the best tourist areas in Iran for domestic and foreign tourists.

Kashan is one of the cities that you never get tired of visiting. We suggest you travel to Kashan at least once and enjoy its beautiful texture. Kashan’s old surface and historical houses are like machines that take people back to distant years. You cannot neglect these lovely city restaurants and local dishes. In Kashan city, some historical houses (of course, some of them) have been converted into cafeterias with a very charming atmosphere. In addition to these restaurants in Kashan, you can see other modern restaurants with different menus in the city. Stay with us in this Iran travel guide centre article to learn more about Kashan’s best restaurants.

Famous restaurants in Kashan

Kashan is an old city with a history of 7 thousand years. This city has many historical and cultural tourist attractions, which, as we said, have been the reason for the prosperity of Iran’s tourism industry in the past years. Since the pleasure of tasting the local cuisine of each city is one of the main attractions of the trip, we intend to introduce you to the best restaurants in Kashan.

  The list of the Kashan best restaurants is as follows:

Morshedi House Cafe’ & Restaurant

If you are looking for a traditional atmosphere with delicious food and reasonable prices, Morshedi Cafe Restaurant will be the best choice for you. Sarai Morshid is a classic and beautiful house; however, it does not have the splendour of other traditional houses in Kashan, but its atmosphere is simple and pleasant. This restaurant’s menu is much richer than other traditional restaurants in Kashan and includes a variety of rare Kashan traditional dishes, which, of course, have more reasonable prices. Serving food in clay dishes with local butter and fresh vegetables has made eating in this restaurant more enjoyable. Next to the restaurant, a small space has also been considered as a cafe, which will not be without pleasure.

Morshedi House Cafe' & Restaurant in kashan

Morshedi House Cafe’ & Restaurant in Kashan

Manouchehri House Restaurant

The historical houses of Kashan merchants are very famous. Manouchehri House is one of these historic houses, which now is a hotel, one of the Kashan best restaurants, and of course, an important tourist place. Khaneh Manochehri restaurant is the best and most luxurious restaurant in Kashan. This restaurant is in the part of the house that was a guest room for important guests of the Manochehris. The high dome-shaped ceiling with wooden windows and coloured glass dazzles the eyes of every viewer.

In addition to the historical and beautiful atmosphere, this restaurant offers you a full menu of traditional and Iranian dishes. In addition, the Manocheharis’ house location is near the historical bazaar of Kashan, and it is straightforward to access. In addition to visiting a historical place near the old market of Kashan and enjoying the traditional atmosphere of this house, you can also try delicious Kashan dishes such as Nokhod Ale stew in one Try the best restaurants in Kashan. Nokhod Ale stew is one of Kashan’s traditional dishes, combining mutton, chickpeas, tomatoes, and onions. In this way, by visiting the Manochehri House restaurant, you can hit a few points with one shot.

Manouchehri House Restaurant in Kashan

Manouchehri House Restaurant in Kashan

Abbasi Coffee Shop & Restaurant

A historical house and another traditional restaurant! Abbasi Restaurant is the most famous and one of the Kashan best restaurants, which most foreign tourists mention in their travelogues. The Abbasian house, next to the Tabatabai house, is one of Kashan’s most valuable historic buildings and has a unique design. Unlike Manochehri and Ameri restaurants, the traditional Iranian tables perfectly harmonise with this restaurant’s atmosphere. This restaurant’s quality of all conventional dishes is excellent; however, its camel meat and dizi are more famous. In addition to the restaurant, the complex has a coffee shop too which serves Iranian saffron tea.

The environment of this historic house can be the end of a memorable day in Kashan.

Cafe Shazdeh

Shazdeh Cafe is a unique street cafe in the middle of the historical city of Kashan. The menu of this small cafe only includes espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and traditional Kashan syrup; However, whichever one you choose, you will not regret it. We can safely say that Cafe Shazdeh is the best cafe in Kashan regarding coffee quality and taste. If you were sightseeing in the historical areas of Kashan city and saw this mobile coffee shop on the side of the street, you must try its unique coffee once.

Mirrors Hall Saraye Ameri

The house of the Ameri belongs to the Zandiye period, and today it is a charming hotel and restaurant. Along with the beautiful parts of this traditional hotel, the Saraye Ameri Hall of Mirrors restaurant is like a shining pearl. This hall is full of small and large mirrors that have been put together with the art of Kashani masters about 200 years ago, which creates a unique atmosphere.

For this reason, the experience of eating in this place will be unforgettable. Although Saraye Ameri has a traditional atmosphere, it is very luxurious, and you must reserve a table in advance to stay or serve food there. The food choice in this restaurant is limited to the famous traditional Kashani dishes such as Kashani sumac kofte, white bean dizi, meat, beans, etc., which of course, have a relatively high price.  Mirrors Hall Saraye Ameri is one of the Kashan best restaurants and shining like a diamond.

Cafe Baam

This coffee shop is an attractive idea on the rooftops of Kashan! Cafe Baam, as its name suggests in Persian, is a cafe on the roof of one of the traditional houses in Kashan. You may not experience the atmosphere of this cafe in any other restaurants in Kashan. The fantastic view of windmills, old thatched houses of Kashan, and mountains in the distance have doubled the beauty of this cafe. It would be best if you tried Bam Kashan Cafe’s sherbets.

Most tourists go to this cafe to see the sunset and enjoy a coffee or tea in such a pleasant atmosphere. Cafe Baam is in one of the old neighbourhoods of Kashan, near the historical monument of Sultan Amir Ahmad, behind the Agha Bozorg Mosque. Its location may be a little challenging to reach, but you can be sure that you will satisfy with your effort after finding the cafe.

Mahinestan Raheb Reastaurant

Mahinestan Raheb Restaurant is One of Kashan’s historical and cosy houses, both a hotel, restaurant and cafe. The courtyard space is so clean that you can sit for hours and enjoy its peace.

Mahinestan Raheb Reastaurant in Kashan

Mahinestan Raheb Reastaurant in Kashan

The restaurant is in the hotel’s basement, and non-resident guests can use it. It is one of the traditional restaurants in Kashan with an atmosphere far from today’s modern, noisy restaurants and hotels. So if you like to experience eating in a relaxing place and enjoy Iranian architecture art, we recommend Mahinestan Raheb restaurant.

Mozaffari traditional restaurant

The old part of Kashan city hosts a traditional Mozafari restaurant with amazing and unique architecture. This restaurant in Kashan has significant heating and cooling system, and you can find different types of local, standard, and Iranian dishes.

Language Cafe

Coffee is the common language of many people, and the Language Cafe will be the best place to experience delicious coffee. The use of wooden decorations creates a unique atmosphere in this cafe. Along with various hot and cold drinks, the delicious ice creams of Language Cafe are special and famous. The cold food dishes of Language Cafe can also be a good choice for Kashan visitors.

Common question

What are the top 3 restaurants in Kashan?

Top Restaurants in Kashan based on tourist view sites are Morshedi House Cafe’ & Restaurant, Mahinestan Raheb Restaurant and Mirrors Hall Saraye Ameri.

What is the famous food of Kashan?

Khoresht Nokhod Allah, Chelo Dizi, Jujui Tas Kabab and Koofteh Somaghare the most famous dishes in Kashan.

Which restaurants in Kashan have the best local food?

Morshedi House Cafe’ & Restaurant, Manouchehri House Restaurant, Mirrors Hall, and Abbasi Coffee Shop & Restaurant have Kashan’s most delicious local food.

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