Underground City of Nooshabad, Kashan

Nooshabad Underground City

Nooshabad Underground City

The plateau of Iran is encircled by magnificent ancient attractions and has become a destination for anybody enthusiastic about the history of ancient Persia that starting with the Achaemenid Empire. Some top attractions that draw local and foreign visitors are the Tomb of Cyrus the Great, Perspolis, Pasargadae, Ali Qapu Palace, and Si-o-se-pol, among others.

Suppose you decide to visit the beautiful city of Isfahan, which is loaded with many attractions. In that case, there of good news for you; Isfahan Province homes one of the mysterious attractions discovered accidentally; if you are curious about this underground, contact Iran Tourism for more information.

Where is Nooshabad Underground City?

Nooshabad Underground City, called the City of Ouyi by local people, is 5 km away from Kashan, a city in Isfahan, and is positioned in the heart of Aran and Bidgol County.

According to the discovered evidence, the city’s birth dates back to 1500 years ago, and during the Sasanian Empire, it was selected as the capital city. Iran Travel Guide Centre provides the opportunity to visit the legacy of Sasanian kings and help you experience Isfahan from a new window.

Nooshabad is an ancient part of Aran va Bidgohome homes with 12000 people, and its name refers to its cold sweetwater. According to the old narrations, the name of the city was selected by the Sassanian King, who drank water from its sweetwater well on his way to Kashan. The high-quality water of this area paved for summoning summon skilled architects and artisans to construct the present city.

Nooshabad is derived from the word of Anousheh and translated into immortality; perhaps that’s why the underground city was discovered after a long time of anonymity. The city has become a top place for art, history lovers, and archaeologists.

.0 Nooshabad Underground City is well-known globally due to its labyrinth-shaped narrow arcades, complex architecture, and several small rooms under the city’s skin. The depth of Nooshabad Underground City ranges f 4 meters and covers an area of 4 km.

Why Was Nooshabad Underground City Constructed?

The Architecture of The Underground City of Nooshabad

The Architecture of The Underground City of Nooshabad

The scientists presented various assumptions for the creation of the Nooshabad Underground City. Some believe that the geographical situation of Nooshabad in the desert and its sweltering temperature during the year’s warm months encouraged the ancient architects to design the Underground City of Nooshabad to escape from the burning sun.

However, the possible reason Nooshabad Underground City wasity is its strategic situation on the Silk Road, which encountered people with many invasions. The ancient people designed a complicated chain of routes lower than the central city to keep the inhabitable place. Hence the city’s design was planned to disappoint the invaders and bring balance to life.

They created several openings guiding people into the city; it is worth mentioning that some of these designed clefts were situated in the dwellings of Nooshabad inhabitants. Therefore, they succeeded in continuing their life until the end of the invasion and did not leave their risk-free settling.

What Are the Alluring Architectural Features of Nooshabad Underground City?

The Underground City of Nooshabad was discovered in 2006 accidentally by one of the inhabitants of Nooshabad, who was engaged in digging a hole in his house. The experts believe that the ancient people employed specific pieces of equipment made of diamond to construct the channels, rooms, hallways, and similar parts of the city. This historical structure was added to Iran National Heritage List on 30 July 2006.

The Underground City of Nooshabad consisted of three stories with specific usages; for instance, the first story consisted of the routes and hallways designed to mislead the invaders who might chase people, while the second and third floors were constructed to preserve people and the stored food.

The experts discovered various physical traps in the rooms of the city, like hidden holes that were covered by some items like stoning to catch the invader and defend inhabitants against enemies. Different parts of the city were interconnected, and their height reached 180 cm so people could move comfortably. Although the intelligent architects of Nooshabad Underground City provided various U-shaped wells for air conditioning, it is highly recommended to avoid visiting this place if you suffer from heart disease or asthma. Other significant parts of The Nooshabad Underground Citshelterelters are sweetwater wells and primitive toilets. Unfortunately, various parts of the city are destroyed due to the floods and the passage of time, so there is limited information concerning the city. Visiting Nooshabad Underground City is a must on your travel to Isfahan to step into ancient times and discover people’s intelligence to protect themselves. Be ready to start your journey to the ancient world by descending forty steep slope stairs. Your visit lasts 1 hour; however, you need an expert tour guide to explore this hidden city.

The Entrances of Nooshabad Underground City

The Entrances of Nooshabad Underground City

The Entrances of Nooshabad Underground City

The city has two entrances; the rance is open only on specific occasions like Nowrouz and the season of making rosewater. The second entrance is always accessible, and its excellent lighting system allows you to observe all parts of the city and reveals the carved dwelling rooms and toilets in the heart of the Earth. This way leads to a chamber that was the city’s larder. This section resembles a simple suite and includes a living room, a bedroom, and a toilet. The story of Nooshabad Underground City finishes here, although words cannot describe its glory, and you must experience it personally.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Nooshabad Underground City?

The Underground City of Nooshabad sits in the heart of the desert, and during the summer, months is highly warm while the temperature reaches below zero in the winter months; therefore, it is suggested to visit this most visited tourist attraction in Kashan during the first and third seasons of the year. The city is open to visitors from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. during winter and summer and from 8:30 to 17:30 during Autumn and Winter.

Frequently Asked Questions Nooshabad

What Are the Close Attractions to Nooshabad Underground City?

The desert city of Kashan in Isfahan Province is famous for its historical and cultural attractions and provides you with many things to do. After visiting Nooshabad Underground City, you may visit nearby attractions like the Taj Historical House, the house of a famous Iranian contemporary poet, Sohrab Sepehri, which is 13 km from the city. The next closest place is Sultan Ahmad Bathhouse, which is remained from the Safavid Era and is 14 km away from the underground city. Visiting Fin Garden, one of the exquisite gardens of Iran, is a must; it is 21 km away from Nooshabad Underground City.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Nooshabad Underground City?

You are supposed to pay 10000T per person to visit Nooshabad Underground City.

What Are the Best Hotels Near Nooshabad Underground City?

Suppose you like to rest in a historic five-star hotel, join Saraye Amerieh Boutique Hotel. In that case, however, the four-star Morshedi Boutique Hotel has nothing short of Saraye Amerieh in that it overlooks the city and presents an enchanting view. If you are looking for a three-star hotel, Manouchehri Traditional House is yours. Rose House Complex is a two-star hotel that is close to the Underground City of Nooshabad, and Sabaghian Boutique Hotel is a one-star that welcomes you with an open arm.

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