Everything you need to know about Fin Kashan Garden!

Fin garden

Fin garden

Iranian gardens are among the best examples of architecture worldwide because they combine history, architecture, and nature, and the principles of architecture have been intelligently used in all of them. This uniqueness is so impressive that even after hundreds of years, the same architectural method is used to build new gardens and attract all eyes. But the garden we want to discuss in this article from Iran travel guide centre magazine is The Fin Garden, a famous garden in Kashan. This garden is an excellent example of Iranian garden architecture, and its name registers on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the future, stay with Iran tourism magazine to learn more about the history and events in Fin Garden UNESCO over time.

Briefly about Fin Garden

Fin Garden is one of Kashan’s most famous and influential tourist attractions. It is not only registered as a national monument; it is also considered one of the 9 Iranian gardens on the world heritage list. This garden is so beautiful that it is mentioned as a perfect example of Iranian gardening.

Thanks to the presence of numerous fountains, the pleasant sound of water, and overhanging trees, Fin Garden is a dream place for sightseeing, especially since its teahouse allows you to enjoy these pure moments to the fullest.

The construction history of Kashan Fin Garden dates back to the Safavid period. The Safavids built many of the current and remaining historical monuments. In other words, the Safavid period was the height and glory of building construction in big cities. Therefore, Fin Garden UNESCO and the collections of historical monuments around it are one of the essential parts of Iranian history that we want to discuss in this article.

Where is Fin Garden?

Fin Garden is one of Isfahan province’s most important monuments and tourist attractions located in Kashan City. Isfahan is one of Iran’s most famous tourist cities, with many historical monuments. In the city of Kashan, located in the province of Isfahan, the name of Bagh Fin shines. Bagh-e Fin is in the central part of Kashan city on Amir Kabir Street.

Bagh-e Fin garden

Bagh-e Fin garden

Different parts of Fin Garden

As we mentioned above, Fin garden has many parts. Therefore, if you visit Fin Garden, you will discover an attraction in each part of this garden, which we will introduce to you in the list below.

Safavid Kushk

One of the most important buildings in Bagh-e Fin Garden is the Safavid Kushk, an old relic of the Safavid era and the reign of Shah Abbas. In 986, the king ordered the construction of this mansion to build a 4-story estate in Fin Garden UNESCO. But due to the earthquake that occurred in 1156, most parts of this building collapsed. But in the end, with many efforts, the architects were able to rebuild two floors of this building. But, unfortunately, the other two floors, which were in the shape of a Pavilion, were destroyed. So, if you visit Bagh-e Fin Garden, do not miss seeing this magnificent and historic building and visit the structures of the Safavid era.

Fin Bathroom

One of the most famous parts of Kashan’s Fin Garden is related to the two baths in this garden. Although they do not have the name Fin, they are all known by this name because they are in the Bagh-e Fin garden. The main reason for the fame of these baths is the murder of the Prime Minister (Amir Kabir) at that time in the tub (or ‘hammam’).

Today, there are pictures of the murder of Amir Kabir in this bath, which we recommend not to miss.

Old Hamam Kashan

Old Hamam Kashan

Ponds and ponds

If you visit Fin Kashan Garden, you will notice that wherever you go to the garden, you will see the element of water because this garden represents the harmony of four Zoroastrian elements – sky, earth, water, and plants. In Bagh-e Fin, there are many ponds, among which we can mention the Cheshme Joosh (Springing Water), the twelve-fountain pond, and many streams in which water flows.

The spring next to Bagh-e Fin Garden provides water for the garden. This spring is called Suleimanieh Spring. Because of the water pressure, the garden’s fountains, pools, and canals work without mechanical pumps. The combination of flowing water and a large amount of greenery creates what Iranians call Eden – the paradise garden. In the middle of the Fin Garden UNESCO landscape, you can see orange trees, fruit trees, jasmine bushes, and flowers that give the impression of abundance, wealth, and tranquillity.

Pavilion of the Qajars

This building has four arches and a platform as its primary structure. It includes a Shotor Gallo (a traditional Iranian water transportation structure), a forum, and two backyards in the south and east of the garden. Marble covers the platform floor, and the roof is painted interestingly; you can still see some of it. Three sides of the pavilion’s alcove have a pool house with water flowing. Water flows into the garden via a tiled water channel and fountains. The fantastic architecture above and around the pool are examples of Persian architecture.

Kashan National Museum

On the west side of Bagh-e Fin Garden is the National Museum of Kashan. As one of the oldest museums in Iran, the museum has an obvious historical significance. This building was specifically designed for a museum. Kashan’s people played an essential role in collecting museum objects. The ground floor and basement make up the building’s square plan.

Archaeology, anthropology, and handicrafts are the three parts of the museum. This museum displays more than 400 pieces, including pottery from pre-Islamic and post-Islamic periods, bronze and ceramic objects, clothing, and calligraphy. Their antiquity dates back to the seventh millennium BC. The archaeological sections were obtained during excavations at Sialk Hill, Chogha Znabil (UNESCO), Hasanlu Hill, Khorvin Hill, etc.

Kashan National Museum

Kashan National Museum

Fin Garden UNESCO- more information

Hours of Visit: from 8.30 till 16.30

Days of Visit: Except on some public holidays, every day

Attractions nearby Fin Garden

Kashan has many attractions worth visiting. Sialk Hill, the oldest civilisation in Iran with over eight thousand years of history, is one of the fantastic attractions near Fin Garden. Beautiful Tabatabai House, an ancient historic house, and UNESCO selected the Borujerdi House are other popular attractions.

Common question

1- Where to eat near the fin garden?

Toranj Restaurant

Baghe Behesht Restaurant

Fin Garden Restaurant

2- Where to Stay near Fin Garden?

3- When to Visit Fin Garden?

Fin Garden is open for visitors from 8.30 till 16.30.

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