The Best Khuzestan Souvenirs Every Tourist Should Know…!

Khuzestan Souvenirs

Khuzestan Souvenirs

Khuzestan province is one of the southern provinces and one of the oldest settlements in Iran. This province’s souvenirs include dates, local cookies, citrus fruits, handicrafts such as abaya and ihrami, reed pens, rugs, and kapobafi.

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What are the Khuzestan Souvenirs to buy?

Khuzestan province is in the southwest of Iran and is adjacent to the Persian Gulf from the south. This province, the centre of which is the city of Ahvaz, is the fifth most populated province of the country. Historically, Khuzestan province is among the oldest lands of Iran, and the oldest settlements of the Iranian plateau are located in this province.

These settlements are the remains of cities related to the Elamite civilisation, whose rule in these areas began in the early fourth millennium BC. Rice, wheat, citrus fruits, summer fruits, and sugarcane are among the essential products of the Khuzestan plains. The abundance of water has created fertile plains in the province, where agriculture is very prosperous, and in addition to traditional farming, industrial agriculture is also carried out in them.

In the rest of this Iran tourism article, we introduce the best Khuzestan souvenir for the travellers of this province.

Food Souvenirs of Khuzestan Province

  • Dates are the most important Khuzestan souvenir

The central part of date production in Iran belongs to Khuzestan and is considered the most important Khuzestan souvenir. Different types of this sweet food are sold in this country, so dates are the most critical Khuzestan souvenirs. When you step into a province that is one of the top exporters of dates in the country, you should not miss buying colourful and glazed dates.




ASTAMARAN (SAYER) (in Persian خرمای سایر or خرمای استعمران): The most crucial production date in Khuzestan, which occupies 70% of the groves in this province, and due to its semi-arid nature, it can be kept for a more extended period. This type is one of The most critical Khuzestan souvenirs.

KABKAB DATES: one of the best types of dates, the best of which is cultivated in Behbahan, which is mostly moist and juicy.

Kabkab Date

Kabkab Date

KhAZRAVI: After ASTAMARAN, in terms of the cultivated area of ​​palm groves, it ranks second and belongs to the category of semi-arid dates.

BARHI: A yellow and crispy date that tastes like caramel when ripe.

ZAHID DATES: a golden date with a soft texture and nutty taste. This dating type is semi-dry, and its sweetness is less than other dates.

GANTAR: This date is also known as Kantar and Kandi. Guntar dates are small and moist.

Tips for buying dates: Dates are not only available in different types, but they are also sold in different forms: Khark (unripe date fruit with a sweet and sour taste), Rotab (the stage before the date is fully ripened with more moisture and sugarless), dates (ripe date fruit).

Date Products

1. Date juice: date juice or silo is very popular as the most delicious souvenir of Khuzestan.

2. Date sugar: this Khuzestan souvenir is a suitable substitute for sugar popular in Khuzestan.

3. Date vinegar: one of the nutritious and characteristic date products made from less sweet dates.

4. Date coffee: In south Iran, the date kernel is ground and used as date coffee after roasting.

  • The Fishes are the second most important souvenir of Khuzestan province!

White pomfrets (Zubaidi)

White pomfrets (Zubaidi)

Fresh fish from the Persian Gulf is one of the most popular Khuzestan souvenirs. The most common fish in this province are White pomfrets (Zubaidi), Blue Threadfin, Sciaenidae (Drums), Pomadasys Kaakan, and Southern Meaghers, redmouth groupers, Flounders, Ilish, Indo-pacific King Mackerels, and Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerels.

  • The Kollicheh (in Persian کلیچه)

Many regions in Khuzestan bake this local Khuzestan souvenir sweet. Khorramshahr, Dezful, and Shushtar are familiar places. This cookie contains yoghurt, cumin, dates, yolk, and sesame seeds.

  • Halva shekari (sugar sweet)

This souvenir of Khuzestan is made from Ardeh. The production of sugar Halva in Shushtar dates back thousands of years.

  • Tiri bread

As Khuzestan has different tribes, people of this province have other nutritious diets. For example, Tiri bread, specific to Bakhtiari tribes, has a thickness of about 2 mm and a diameter of 35 to 40 cm.

  • Spice

Step into any market in Khuzestan, and you will smell the spicy smell. Among the cities of this province, Abadan has an impressive reputation in this field, and its high-quality spices are one of the souvenirs of Khuzestan.

  • Dezful citrus fruits

Dezful is one of the cities famous for producing high-quality citrus fruits. More than 12 types of citrus fruits are grown in Dezful, and native or local orange is the most famous and one of the Khuzestan souvenirs. The harvest season of this delicious fruit is from December to mid-March, and at this time, you can get it from markets all over the province.

Handicrafts Souvenir of Khuzestan Province

1- Kapobafi (In Persian کپو بافی)

Kapobafi (In Persian کپو بافی)

Kapobafi (In Persian کپو بافی)

Colourful handwoven are sold all over Khuzestan, which results from Kapobafi art. Kapobafi is done through a wicking fabric with more strength and better shape. For Kapobafi, fibres are prepared from palm leaves and wrapped around marsh reeds known as the Kurtak. This Khuzestan souvenir is considered a type of mat weaving, and The Weavers decorate it with coloured yarn.

The Weavers Decorat yarn so that no trace of the bottom surface is visible. Most Kapobafi products are containers with doors, one of Khuzestan’s most popular souvenirs.

2- Mat weaving

Mat weaving is the oldest handicraft and Khuzestan souvenir. In this art, the weavers weave together the strands of plant fibres (such as palm) to produce products such as mats, baskets, dishes, etc. Different types of mat weaving, such as Pearl, Terke, Cham, Basket, etc., differ.

3- Booria (mat)


The people of Khuzestan produce a product called Booria by weaving swamp reeds together as a mattress. This wicker mat is top-rated in Khuzestan, and people use it as a roof covering.

4- Reed pen

Reed Pens of Khuzestan province

Reed Pens of Khuzestan province

A reed pen is one of the essential calligraphy tools prepared by cutting and shaping different reeds and is a famous Khuzestan souvenir. The use of a reed pen for writing dates back to ancient Egypt when people wrote on papyrus. The best type of Iranian reed pen is the Dezfuli reed pen.

Dezfoli reed is a native plant that grows next to the Dez river, and its agricultural type is specific to this region. Therefore, we recommend that if you pass through Khuzestan, you buy this souvenir of Khuzestan and consider the Dezful and Sosangard tours, such as Khorramshahr, Abadan, and Ahvaz tours.

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