Namakabrud City, a jewelry in the north of Iran!

Namakabrud City

Namakabrud City

Namakabrud city is one of the newest cities established by the Caspian Sea shores. The sole purpose of the establishment of Namakabrud City was to create a tourist city in Iran that meets the modern standards of an international tourist center.

Namakabrud city is filled with water-based entertainment and group activities such as hiking trails, Namakabrud Telecabin, shooting range, and more.

There are also several natural sights such as Jungles and mountain peaks available here, some of which are hardly found anywhere else in the country.

Namakabrud Telecabin helps you access these places conveniently. The weather here during summer is hot and humid, so the best time to visit Namakabrud city is during the cooler seasons.

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Why Namakabrud City is a Jewel in the North of Iran?

Namakabrud, a picturesque city nestled in the Alborz Mountains of Iran, has a history deeply intertwined with the region’s natural beauty and strategic location. While records of its early history are somewhat limited, the city’s historical significance and charm are evident in several key aspects:

  1. Ancient Settlements: The Alborz Mountains region, including Namakabrud, has a long history of human settlement dating back thousands of years. The area’s natural springs and fertile lands likely attracted early inhabitants.
  2. Strategic Location: Namakabrud’s proximity to Tehran, the capital of Iran, has made it strategically important throughout history. It served as a waypoint along trade routes connecting the Iranian plateau with the northern regions of the country.
  3. Medieval and Islamic Era: Like many regions of Iran, Namakabrud would have seen various rulers and dynasties throughout the centuries, including Persian empires, Arab caliphates, and local rulers. These historical transitions likely left their mark on the area’s culture and architecture.
  4. Modern Development: In more recent history, Namakabrud experienced growth and development during the 20th century. Its natural beauty and cooler climate made it an attractive destination for Tehran residents seeking respite from the city’s heat and congestion.
  5. Tourism and Leisure: Namakabrud’s role as a leisure destination gained prominence in the mid-20th century as it became a popular getaway for Tehran residents. Tourism infrastructure, such as hotels and recreational facilities, was developed to accommodate visitors seeking relaxation and outdoor activities.
  6. Natural Springs: The city’s mineral springs have been a focal point of its history and culture. These springs are not only a source of refreshment but also have traditions of wellness and healing associated with them.
  7. Cultural Heritage: Namakabrud, like many Iranian cities, possesses its unique cultural heritage. Local traditions, cuisine, and crafts reflect the character of the region and its people.
  8. Modern Significance: Today, Namakabrud continues to attract tourists and nature enthusiasts, offering a serene and natural escape from the urban environment of Tehran. The city’s cool climate, beautiful landscapes, and proximity to the Iranian capital ensure its continued relevance as a recreational destination.

While detailed historical records of Namakabrud’s past may be limited, its enduring appeal as a place of natural beauty and tranquility has made it an important part of Iran’s cultural and recreational landscape. Its history is not only reflected in its architecture and traditions but also in the memories of countless visitors who have sought solace and adventure in its mountainous embrace.

Travel to Namakabrud city

Bus: you can take Ramsar City Buses from Tehran city. They make a stop at this tourist city in Iran along their way. Also, it is possible to take a shared cab either from Ramsar City or Chalus City to here.

No Train station or Airport is Available here!

Namakabrud Hotels

Aside from the Hotels in the City, there are many homestay and rental flats available here.

Height Hotel

  • A five-star and high-class hotel facing the Caspian Sea.
  • Address: Seaside Road, Namakabrud
  • Phone Number: +98 11 5218 8813

Venus Hotel

  • Another high-quality option in Namakabrud. This one is facing the mountains and the jungles.
  • Address: by the Namakabrud Telecabin station
  • Phone number: +98 11 5218 5000

Namakabrud Tourist Attractions

Travel to Namakabrud city

Travel to Namakabrud city

Namakabrud City was established for the sole purpose of being a tourist city in Iran. It is filled with activities and entertainment. Being located close to the Caspian Sea, Namakabrud city’s beaches are well suited for swimming and water-based activities such as Jet skiing, scuba diving, and such.

The mountain ranges south of the city are well-suited for hiking and climbing. Most of these tracks are covered with tall trees and some of them face the Sea, creating a breathtaking view from the top.

Namakabrud Telecabin and cable car also offer a great view both from within and from the top. There are two lines on Telecabin. There are other activities available in the city, activities such as:

Shooting range: here you can use either hunting guns or bows and enjoy shooting sports.

Sled car: this fast-moving One-man Rail car is the first one ever built in the country and one of the most amazing ones.

Zipline: an exciting sport for those who are looking for some adrenaline. It crosses over a deep valley.

Karting: this large Karting track is one of the most crowded places in Namakabrud City.

The Aviation Complex: The Aviation Complex is where you can find every kind of flying activity such as light plane rides, Paragliding, Parachuting, and…

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