Vakil Bathhouse is one of Shiraz’s main attractions, located side by side to the Vakil Bazaar. it was built during the 18th century, which was the prime of the Zandieh dynasty. Vakil Bathhouse has gone through much, but still, after three hundred years, it is one of the Must-See of Shiraz City. Also, there’s a museum of Anthropology available there, exhibiting the lifestyle of local people during the 18th century.

So, if you are planning to Travel to Iran, Follow Iran Travel Guide Center article to learn more about Vakil Bathhouse in Shiraz City:

Accessibility: In order to get to Vakil Bathhouse you can take Shiraz Metro and get off at Zandieh station. Then you are just five minutes’ walk away from this place.
Or if you are planning to take the bus you can get off at Shahrdari station which is just behind the Arg of Karimkhan and another couple of steps will get you to your destination.

Open days and hours:  Vakil Bathhouse is open every day from 8a.m to 5p.m.

Phone number: +98 71 3224 7646

Ticket price: 500.000 RLS

vakil bath
vakil bath

Summary of Vali Bathhouse

If the reason for your travel to Iran is to get a better sight of the culture, Vakil Bathhouse can provide you with that efficiently. This Bathhouse was a marvel in design and architecture when it was first established, and it is still one of the most precious relics of Shiraz city.

It is located at the heart of the historical district in Shiraz City, which makes this place convenient to access.

Vakil Bathhouse Design

The Bathhouse was built by the hands of some of the best architects and craftsmen of the 1700s.

The entrance of the building is divided into two separate doors, connected by a short corridor and with a different height level, to prevent the heat from going out and the cool breeze from sneaking in.

The main hall is in the shape of an octagonal dome held high with eight columns, with a small hole in the middle to let the light in. This hole also acted as a solar clock, letting people know about the time, judging from the angle of the sun shining through it.

The walls and ceilings are covered with Lime instead of plaster because Lime is water and humid resistant. And they are painted beautifully with drawings adopted from the folkloric myths and religious tales. But unfortunately, most of them have not been able to survive the hardships of the ages.

Bathhouse of Vakil, Shiraz
Bathhouse of Vakil, Shiraz

Around this room, there are seating places where people would seat to wash and also socialize with each other.  And in the middle of the room is the main water pound, filled with hot water to bathe in.

Another sign of the brilliance in Vakil Bathhouse lies under the floors of it. There are small canals provided between the ground and the mosaic floors, to let the steam circulate, to keep the floors, warm all the time.

There are two Shah-neshin or King’s places provided at two sides of the main hall, giving the privilege of the royal of private bathing.

The steam room which has two large boilers is located at the far end of the building, supplying the people of Shiraz City with fresh hot water.

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