Saraye Moshir, Old Bazaar of Shiraz City

Saraye Moshir, Old Bazaar of Shiraz

Saraye Moshir, Old Bazaar of Shiraz

Saraye Moshir, also known as Saraye Golshan, stands as one of Shiraz City‘s oldest and most traditional bazaars, situated south of Shiraz’s main Bazaar. This historic shopping center, established during the Qajar era under the patronage of Mirza Abolhassan MoshirolMolk, a prominent minister of that time, boasts a unique distinction. Although it exists separately from the Bazaar of Shiraz, the difference might not be immediately evident to all observers. Notably, this shopping center features a spacious courtyard adorned with a large blue pool, surrounded by tall green sour orange trees, setting it apart.

The proximity of Saraye Moshir to the revered Shahcheragh Holy Shrine and the historic Vakil Bath has transformed it into a social nexus for both local and international visitors. Furthermore, adjacent to the Moshir bazaar is the Mesgarha bazaar, enhancing its appeal and offerings.

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Accessibility to The Saraye Moshir

At the Intersection of LotfAliKhane Zand with Ahmadi Street (Serah Ahmadi) is Ordu Bazaar which leads you to Mesgarha Bazaar and Moshir Bazaar, and finally, Saraye Moshir.

If you’re visiting Shahcheragh holy shrine, it’s only a 25-minute walk to the old Bazaar of Shiraz; also, you can easily take a taxi. Zandieh Metro station and Shahrdari bus stop are the closest public transport stations to this part of the Bazaar of Shiraz.

Open days and hours of Saraye Moshir

Every Shiraz shopping store opens Saturday to Thursday from 10 A.M until 1 P.M and in the evening from 6 P.M to 10 P.M.

The architectural beauty of Saraye Moshir

The architectural beauty of Saraye Moshir

Architectural Marvel: The architectural beauty of Saraye Moshir is nothing short of captivating. As visitors enter the Bazaar, they are greeted by a labyrinth of winding alleys, intricately adorned arches, and vaulted ceilings that exhibit the artistic prowess of Persian architecture. Using traditional brickwork, tiles, and vibrant colors adds to the aesthetic appeal. Each section of the Bazaar is dedicated to various goods, creating a harmonious blend of shopping and exploration.

Above the main entrance door, you can see marvelous tiles that show off Islamic-Persian art and architecture. At the center of these remarkable tiles, you can see the inscription that shows this memorable monument was constructed in 1288 AH. The founder of this monument dedicated it to one of the Islamic Shia’s successors.

The last time it has repaired was in the Pahlavi period before the revolution. Before that, Saraye Moshir was used as a tea house.

The whole building is designed in an octagonal shape. All around the yards, Shiraz shopping handicraft stores sell handmade goods to buyers. This complex is a duplex, and some of the stores on the second floor have a veranda facing the yard. On the first floor, shops are connected by a corridor that leads to the courtyard.

What is best to buy at this Shiraz shopping center?

By walking around Saraye Moshir, one of the most antique bazaars of Shiraz, you can find any handicraft of Fars state. In addition to stores, you can find handicraft production units, watching them with joy and so, producing painted mosaics or engraving on woods or metals, especially copper.

This shopping center is also one of the best places to get your hands on the original Khatam (an ancient Persian technique of inlaying). You can find these souvenirs at fair prices.

At the end of browsing different Shiraz shopping stores here, it is good to take a break and seat under the shadows of sour orange trees, listen to the sparrows chanting, especially in the evenings, and feel refreshed by the nice and cool breeze that touches your face while eating Faloodeh (Iranian sweet dessert) or Shiraz traditional ice cream.

If you feel hungry, you can go to Saraye Mehr’s traditional restaurant, which is close to Saraye Moshir, and on the way to Moshir Bazaar.


In conclusion, Saraye Moshir in Shiraz is more than just a bazaar; it’s a living testament to the city’s history, culture, and architectural brilliance. As visitors wander through its enchanting alleys, they become part of a story that has unfolded over centuries, a story of trade, culture, and community. Saraye Moshir stands as a symbol of the timeless charm of Shiraz, inviting all to step into its vibrant embrace and experience a slice of Iran’s rich heritage.

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