Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar has been the Main Bazaar of Shiraz for 3 centuries. it is located at the center of Shiraz City, where most of the other historical sights of the city are situated. Since the time of its establishment, it has been the commercial and economic heart of Shiraz City. Like every other Bazaar in the country, it is not only a place for commerce but a social hub where some of the most important historical movements have taken place.

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Vakil Bazaar Overlook

Accessibility: to get to Vakil Bazaar, you can take the Shiraz Metro and get off at either Zandieh station or Valiasr station. Either you choose, then you are just five minutes’ walk away from this place.

Or if you are planning to take the bus you can get off at Shahrdari station which is just behind the Arg of Karim Khan and another couple of steps will get you to your destination.

Vakil Bazaar- handicrafts
Vakil Bazaar- handicrafts

Or you can get a bus to Moshir Intersection and walk from there to the Bazaar.

Open days and hours:  Vakil Bazaar is open for business Saturdays To Thursdays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

History of Main Bazaar of Shiraz city, Vakil

During the Zandieh dynasty when Shiraz city became the capital city of The Persian Empire, this city started to flourish. But the heart of every Persian City was the Bazaar.

Before the construction of Vakil Bazaar, the main Bazaar of the city was just a couple of stores in a corner of the city. But after visiting the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan and especially The Bazaar of Lar City, Karim-Khan, the king decided to establish this complex in Shiraz. Since then the Vakil Bazaar has been the economic heart of Shiraz City.

Vakil Bazaar is the best place to find Iranian and Shirazi handmade goods and souvenirs such as rugs, handmade shoes, clothes, hats, bronze utensils, containers, and…

Design and Construction of Vakil Bazaar

The Main Bazaar of Shiraz is well known for its high ceilings. The ceilings are 11 meters high, Dome-shaped, and each covered with elegant brickworks.

The Bazaar consists of four main corridors, each one of them dedicated to a specific kind of business, such as the Bazaar of mercers, the Bazaar of shoemakers, the Bazaar of Bronze smiths, and…

Each of these shops is elevated around a meter from the ground, to prevent the dampness of the ground from reaching the shops. Each of these main corridors meet each other at an intersection called “Chaharsuq”. Here the ceilings are higher and at the center of it, there used to be a water pound.

Every couple hundred meters, there is a large yard located, providing the people with a place to get some fresh air, after spending some time in the closed space of Vakil Market.

These Yards are called “Timche” or “Sara” which are usually surrounded by shops and filled with tall trees and a water pond in the middle.

The most famous one is “Saraye Moshir” located on the southern side of Vakil Bazaar. It is especially interesting around sunset when all the birds in the trees start chanting together.

Tips on Vakil Bazaar

Roads leading to the Main Bazaar of Shiraz are not accessible by personal vehicles. So, if you are planning to do lots of shopping, it’s better if you hire a cart to carry them for you. Vakil Bazaar will get extremely crowded during the holidays. The best times to visit are early in the morning and early evening.

Some of the oldest and best shops and restaurants of Shiraz City are located in Vakil Bazaar. Take your time when you go through the corridors because around every corner there might be a surprise awaiting you!

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