Shiraz city

Shiraz city

Shiraz City is located in the southeastern part of Iran and is one of the oldest cities of Iran after Hagmataneh, Shush City, and Shahr-e Sukhteh (The Scorched Town). It used to be the capital of the Persian Empire a few times throughout the ages, and now the leftovers of those times are all reasons to travel to Shiraz, or even your main destination when you Travel to Iran.

Mountains surround Shiraz city, and the weather temperature varies from 30 degrees at most in the summer to around 0 in the coldest winters. The best time to travel to Shiraz is in spring to witness the blossoming orange trees (the best time is in the middle of April) and smell the enchanting scent of the flowers and buds. The springs of Shiraz City are even manifested in the literature and arts of the local artists, such as Saadi and Hafez.

If you plan to travel to Iran, Shiraz City must be one of your top choices. Follow this article from the Iran travel guide to learn more about this marvelous city, how to Travel to Shiraz, and especially budget hotels and Shiraz hostels:

Travel to Shiraz City

Travel to Shiraz, train, airplane, and bus options are available. If you plan to take the train, you’ll arrive at Shiraz rail station in the northeastern part of the city. From there, you can use public transport options such as a bus or shared taxi in Iran to get to the town or hire a taxicab which should cost you around 200.000 to 300.000 RLS depending on your destination, or use ride-hailing apps in Iran, Shiraz, like Snapp.

If you take a plane to Shiraz, you’ll arrive at Shiraz Airport. Here you can find out about Shiraz airport.

And the last option is to take the bus to Travel to Shiraz, and depending on which city you are coming from, you’ll get off either at Karandish or Amirkabir Terminal.

Shiraz Hostel and Hotels

Niayesh Hostel

This hostel in Iran is the cheapest accommodation choice available among Shiraz Hostel and Hotels. It is located in the center of Shiraz City, making it easy for you to get around the town on foot. As well as shared rooms, this Shiraz hostel can offer private rooms, and there are daily tour offers for purchase here.

Address: Gozare Sang siah street, Namazi intersection

Phone number: +98 902 876 0541

Parhami Traditional house

This Shiraz hostel is Located close to the Nasirolmolk mosque in the old neighborhood of Shiraz. It is a reconstructed old house transformed into a traditional hotel. Here, at this Shiraz hostel, you can enjoy staying at a classic Iranian-style home, with rooms surrounding a yard full of trees, flowers, and a fish pound at the center, and at the same time, enjoy the benefits of a high-class hotel.

Address: LotfAli khan Zand street

Phone Number: +98 71 3223 2015

Sasan Hotel

The Sasan Hotel could be a good choice if you want to stay at a 5-star hotel. Free Wi-Fi, parking slots, and a good location just by the metro station are the merits of choosing this Shiraz Hostel and Hotels option.

Address: Anvari Street, Karimkhan Zand Boulevard

phone number: +98 71 3230 2028

Getting around in Shiraz City

Before you begin your Travel to Iran, we recommend you check out the public transport article to get a clearer sight of what is happening here. When you travel to Shiraz, commuting inside the city, subway, bus, shared taxi, and Snapp options are available. Shiraz Metro only operates on one line, from northwest to southeast, to the airport. The trains run from early morning until 9 P.M. You can acquire a rechargeable credit card from the ticket booth to use the subway and the buses simultaneously. Return the card when you leave the city to retrieve your deposit.

Attractions in Shiraz City

The ancient capital of the Persian Empire is among the top destination choices when people want to travel to Iran. Even traveling to Shiraz is the only reason for traveling to Iran for some history enthusiasts. The historical sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae are located about an hour’s drive away from the city, giving you an idea of the greatness of the ancient Iran capital. Aside from that, Bishapour historical site is around a 2-hour drive from Shiraz city, the capital of the Sassanid dynasty, home to the largest Iranian ancient sculpture at 8 meters in height and more than 2 tons in weight.

Inside this historical city of Iran, the Arg of Karim Khan, Vakil Bazaar, and Vakil Bathhouse are among the most famous tourist attractions of the city. Qvam Garden, Eram Garden, and Afif Abad Garden are some of the most elegant Persian gardens available in Shiraz City; highly recommended to visit, especially during spring and autumn.

Vakil mosque and Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque are two unique and peerless mosques. If you are looking for cultural centers in the city, the Tomb of Saadi and the Tomb of Hafez, two of the greatest poets in Persian History, always host cultural gatherings and shows. Also, Ghalat village, Baba Koohi mountain, and Maharloo Lake (the red lake) provide some natural sights around Shiraz City.

Iranian Cuisine available in Shiraz City

when you travel to Iran, especially when you travel to Shiraz City, lots of yummy dishes await you. Kalam polo, Shirin polo, Ash Sabzi, Kufte holoo, and Do Piaze (دوپیازه‎, meaning “two onions”) are among the most delicious and most famous Shiraz City local dishes. Haft Khan restaurant at Darvazeh Qoran, the Sufi restaurant on Satarkhan Boulevard, and Qavam restaurant on Roodaki Street, Karimkhan Boulevard, are among the most famous restaurants in the city.

As long as you are in Shiraz City, we recommend you try local Iranian desserts and sweets such as Araghs, Sherbets, and Shirazi Faludeh at Shekar Riz ice cream shop behind the Castle of Karim Khan.

Shiraz City Souvenirs, mementos of your travel to Iran

If you travel to Iran, especially Shiraz, you want local souvenirs. Shiraz City is famous for handcrafted rugs, shoes, copper containers, utensils, and local sweets. You can get your hands on all of them in Vakil Bazar.

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