Rent a car in Iran is often expensive and consuming our time; also there are plenty of hidden fees and unknown requirements.

It will help you if you know the destination’s regulations and general fact about car rental going online.

Rent a car in Iran by making online reservation need to ensure that you have all necessary documents.

Iranian websites for Car Rental in Iran

There are some online websites which are suggested by Iran Travel Guide to rent a car in Iran as follows:

We will describe the Europcar website as one of them which has international branches in other countries rather than Iran.

Online process and considerations for Car Rental in Iran

First of all, you should check the rental car’s Iranian websites to compare the prices with the same options.

According to your location and duration of your travel will find the best price.

It is important to review your rental contract before sign it.

Ensure that all of the data is correct, and the price you were quoted when you reserved is wrote in the contract.

Ask all your mind questions with your selected company before finalizing to rent a car in Iran.

Each company has different policies and you have to know all before making a contract.

Generally, Car rental in Iran is possible in any size of the car so you have to consider the size from compact to SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) which is an impact on your final price.

There are different options besides rent a car in Iran which are consist of the GPS system,4G modem, baby seat, baby carriage, and chains. These mentioned options could be select by online too.

Usually, it is better to provide these kinds of extra options by yourself instead of renting them.

All Cars already have third party and damage insurance but you can add more coverage with charge extra fee.

Check the car carefully before you leave the car lot. You have to sure about any scratches or damages before taking a car. Make sure that all parts of car work accurately.

If there is a losing part which could consider as damage, it should record and take a photo or video from it.

Moreover, leaving any garbage in the car maybe lead to an extra charge and also do not miss your stuff in the returned car.

Try to be on time when you want to deliver the car because some companies will charge you for another full day if you bring the car back even 30 minutes later than you said you would.


It is suggested that to fill your car with gasoline after taking from the company.

You know the benefit of car rental in Iran is gasoline price, thanks to the lots of oil in this country.

The price of gasoline is 10,000 RLS /per lit and it is cheapest on the world.

Furthermore, there is a gasoline pump station in IKIA airport as IKAC PUMP which is searchable on the map also there is another gas station as Persian Gulf gas station on your way to Tehran.

Europcar in Iran

TASCO (Tose Andish Sepand Company) is under the name of Europcar Iran to rent a car in Iran.

It has several stations in different regions in Iran for car rental in Iran as follows:

Tehran Downtown, Mehrabad Airport, IKIA Airport, Isfahan Downtown, Isfahan Airport, Shiraz Airport, Mashhad Airport, Tabriz Airport, Rasht Airport, Bandar-Abbas Downtown, Yazd Airport, Kish Island and opening soon in Qeshm, Kerman and etc.

There are some benefits which are usual for rent a car in Iran as decreasing rent price when renting duration will increase, picking-up and return in all main cities of Iran.

This company will keep your reservation without any in advance payment.

Russian tourist makes sure that their credit card is valid abroad. If not, they have to pay in cash.

This website will include pictures of available vehicles’ models.

Europcar’s Chauffeurs has Europcar Uniform, Knowledge about Locations in Tehran City, and spoken in English.

Europcar Iran head office Tel: +98-21-88366615

If you get into trouble during your car rental in Iran, then you can call technical support.

It is possible that you pick up a car in one place and return it in another place.

Most of car rental company has Transfer service and Europcar has three options as bellow for transferring you in Tehran city:

  • One-way Transfer between IKIA and Tehran City
  • 5-hr Transfer inside Tehran City
  • 10-hr Transfer inside Tehran City

And also there is a Group transfer service option with Van or Bus (44 – 25) seats.

International driving license

You can take an international driving license in IKIA airport in just 15 minutes.

Prices for Rent a Car in Iran

Iran tourism has been selected different types of Cars prices as follows to show you the price ranges for rent a car in Iran:

  • Renault Logan 1.6: 93 Eur /per day
  • Kia Cerato: 141 Eur /per day
  • Renault Duster: 167 Eur /per day
  • Hyundai-Elantra: 167 Eur /per day
  • Hyundai-Tucson: 198 Eur /per day
  • Hyundai-Santafe 2.4: 222 Eur /per day
  • Hyundai van H1 2.4: 210 Eur /per day
  • Mercedes Benz class S 3.5 Chauffeur only: 742 Eur /per day

It not necessary to pay a fee in advance and it is possible to pay later while you will get the car.

Most of the tourist will come to Iran through IKA Imam Khomeini Intl Airport in Tehran City so there is the main place to rent a car in Iran and Europcar has a station there with bellow details:

Location: Public Hall, Arrival terminal, IKA Imam Khomeini Intl airport Tehran.

Direct Tel: +98 (21) 51007539

Necessary documents to rent a car in Iran

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Credit Card in the name of the main driver
  • valid passport or ID card

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