Kish Island is the number one tourist attraction in the Persian Gulf that is recommended to visit during your Iran travel. More than 1.5 million domestic and international tourists visit here to enjoy the clean sandy beaches of this Island. It is one of the most tourist friendly cities in the country, with more than 8200 beds, Kish hotels are competing in price and service quality, trying to attract the tourists.

Kish Island Visa

Another advantage point of this Island is that foreign travelers can enter Kish Island visa -free and enjoy staying here without having to go through the paper works of visa applying.

The weather here during Autumn, Winter, and early spring are pleasant and tropical. But during late Spring and Summer, it gets extremely hot and humid.

Airplane: Kish International Airport is located at the center of the city. There are daily flights available to/from almost every city in the country. Also flights to Muscat and Dubai are available. You can enter Kish Island visa -free.

Ferry ride: There are ferry rides available to here from: Bandar (Port) Aftab (30 min), Bandar Charak (60 min) and BandarLengeh (150 min). Tickets are acquirable from the Kish Port located at the northern side of the city.

No Train or Bus Options are available here.

Kish Hotels

Toranj Hotel, Kish Island, Persian Guld
Toranj Hotel, Kish Island, Persian Guld

Kish hotels cover a large variety of options. But unfortunately, there are no hostels in Iran available on this island, yet hotels in Kish generally offer a better bargain than most of the hotels in the country considering the Kish island tourism situation.

Goldis Hotel

A budget option of Kish Hotels.

Address: Iran boulevard

Phone number: +98 76 4442 3237

Sara Hotel

Another reasonably priced option of hotels in Kish.

Address: Rudaki street

Phone number: +98 76 4446 7400

Aftab Sharq Hotel

A mid-range option of hotels in Kish.

Address: Chask Blvd.

Phone Number: +98 76 4443 4100

Dariush Hotel

One of the most luxurious of Kish hotels with grade A design and service.

Address: Dariush Square

Phone number: +98 76 4444 4900

Toranj Hotels

Most luxurious of Kish hotels

Address: Jagan St.

Phone: 076 4447 4114

Kish Island Tourism

Kish Island is the home to the greatest Coral reef in the Persian Gulf. Thanks to that, Kish Island has such a clear water, enabling you to enjoy sports such as Snorkeling and scuba diving.

The sandy beaches of Kish Island are filled with every kind of water sport. It is the only place, where the is a dedicated and exclusive women’s beach, where they can enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the water without having to cover their body.

Aside from that, Kish Aquarium, Dolphins Park, Birds Garden and the scorched Ship are other Kish Island tourism sights.

Kish Aquarium
Kish Aquarium

Also, Kariz underground city, Payab Qanat and Herire village are three of the Historical sites in Kish Island.

There are a number of shopping malls and night live music places, keeping you entertained even during nights.

Kish Island Tourism: Restaurants

Payab Restaurant: One of the restaurants which offers live music aside from a great menu

Address: Olympic square, Olympic street

Energy Restaurant: Here, aside from the live music, other entertainments such as magic shows and stand up comedies are offered.

Address: between Rudaki street and Persian Gulf Blvd.

Amoo (Uncle) Akbar Restaurant: One of the oldest restaurants on the Island. No live music or entertainment is offered here, but the quality of the meals alone are enough to keep you preoccupied.

Address: between Rodaki and Ferdowsi street.

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