Trying to Find a Hostel in Iran?

There are quite a few good reasons why one decides to choose a hostel in Iran or a guest house. For many, the main reason is the price. Staying at a Persian hostel may be good for your wallet, but aside from that, who does not want to socialize with people while on a trip? Hostels are great places for socializing with other travelers and sometimes even locals. You want to share your travel experiences with other tourists and hear theirs? Well then, a guest house is a good place for that.

We have decided to introduce you some of the best hostels in Iran. While there are countless other hostels, many lack that sense of community which makes a guest house sometimes preferable to a hotel.

See You in Iran

The first guest house, is See You in Iran, located in Iranshahr neighborhood. This hostel in Iran, identifies itself as “not just a hostel” but a touristic platform, it has a café inside, providing the opportunity for the visitors to socialize with one another.

The Persian hostel has a very strong social media presence. At the time of writing this article, its Facebook page had more than 140k subscribers, a good portion of them being really active, posting everything from travel experiences to cultural tips about Iran.

This hostel in Iran, offers services such as airport pickup and transportation, and provides you with “service packages” which include a prepaid mobile SIM card in Iran, an Iranian debit card and a public transport card working in Tehran.

The hostel in Iran, features two dormitories, one for females and the other for males. It also has five private rooms, which are not a lot, so you should hurry to reserve, for they get booked really fast.

Tehran Heritage Hostel

A renovated house with modern facilities, Tehran Heritage has two 10 bed dormitories and several private rooms. The beds in the dorms are confined and isolated allowing more privacy than what can be found in other hostels’ dorms. The Persian hostel is as near as it may get to a major metro stations. Visiting the attractions in its vicinity may fill up a full day of your trip.

Parhami Traditional House

This hostel in Iran, is located in a traditional house, as the name suggests, aging more than two centuries. The building is old but it has been renovated in a fashion that has not betrayed its authenticity. The world famous attractions, Shahcheragh and Vakil Bazar are just a few minutes away on foot. This Persian hostel organizes Shiraz nomad tours.

BB Hostel

This guest house is also located in the same neighborhood as the previous one. The staff are very friendly and you do not want to miss having a breakfast on the rooftop of this gorgeous Persian hostel. The bathrooms are shared, but they are superbly clean.

Yazd City

Yazd Oasis Hostel

As is typical for a hostel in Iran, this guest house is also a renovated antique house. This hostel has dorms along with private rooms. Oasis is located in the old part of Yazd city.


This Persian hostel, is comprised of two buildings located about 1 km away from each other. The one located in the old Town, has 4 rooms, not private, and have 2 to 4 beds. The staff here are pretty helpful.

Kashan City

Green House

When it gets to Kashan city, there is no shortage of wonderful hostels. The challenge for us was to choose between them. Green House is located at equal distances from the Iran railway network and Kamal-ol-Molk square; the latter being the beating heart of Kashan, surrounded by many attractions.

The hostel interior is really fascinating, decorated in a traditional style with a cozy feel. It gives you the feeling of staying at a traditional home, which is alluring even to Iranians, let alone non-Iranians.

The hostel has 4 private rooms which have 2 to 5 beds, and also two dorms, one for each gender. Like many hostels, the rooms have shared bathrooms.

Sana Hostel

This is another antique house turned into hostel. The Persian hostel is located in the old town of Kashan, close to almost everything Kashan has to offer. As promised on their website, the transfer from bus terminal to the hostel is free of charge.

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