Mobile SIM Cards in Iran

Mobile SIM Cards in Iran

Mobile SIM Card in Iran is offered to a wide range of operators and companies, and choosing between them can become confusing. Because today, staying connected to the internet plays a major role in whether you will have a delightful trip.

So follow this Iran travel guide article to learn more about mobile SIM cards in Iran.

Mobile SIM Cards Providers in Iran

There are three major providers available that offer mobile SIM cards in Iran:

The Logo of MCI, SIM cards and Internet Provider in Iran

The Logo of MCI, SIM cards, and Internet Providers in Iran

MCI (Hamrahe Aval)

MCI is the largest and oldest company providing people with mobile SIM cards in Iran. They offer permanent and prepaid SIM cards and cover a vast country area, such as villages, roads, and urban areas. If you use an MCI SIM card and need help, call 9990 and ask for help from customer service.

Web site:

The Logo of MTN Irancell Mobile SIM cards and Internet Provider in Iran

The Logo of MTN Irancell Mobile SIM cards and Internet Provider in Iran

MTN (Irancell)

MTN is the second major SIM card provider in Iran. Their coverage is slightly weaker than MCI’s in remote areas, roads, and villages, but their services and discount offers are way better than MCI’s. They also offer permanent and prepaid SIM cards. If you are using MTN and need help, contact customer support by dialing 700.

Web site:

The Logo of RIGHTEL, Mobile SIM cards and speediest Internet Provider in Iran

The Logo of RIGHTEL, Mobile SIM cards, and the speediest Internet Provider in Iran


the third company providing mobile SIM cards in Iran is Rightel. They also offer prepaid SIM cards and permanent ones. The price range of their services is lower than the other two providers, but their coverage, except for the major cities, is not good. If you need help, the customer support number is 200. You can also manage your account online.


How to get a Mobile SIM card in Iran?

If you arrive in Iran by plane, you can get your hands on a SIM card from the Sim Card Booth at the airport. These booths are also available in Tehran Metro stations, such as the Imam Khomeini metro station. You can also acquire a mobile SIM card in Iran by visiting each provider’s shop in almost every city.

Once there, you must choose from permanent and prepaid SIM cards. The prepaid SIM cards can be charged online via Iranian debit cards/ credit cards or top-up cards. You can get these top-up cards from almost every shop and newspaper stand. Then you have to scratch away the cover and enter the code. A 9% tax will be deducted from your balance. These cards are available in 10, 50, 100, and 200 thousand RLS.

Each SIM card costs about 150.000 RLS, and you need to fill in a form and give a copy of your passport. The activation process usually takes between 24 to 48 hours. After that, you can make domestic and international calls, send SMS, use mobile data, etc.

How to Enable a Data (Internet) Plan for Prepaid Sim cards?

Data plans are offered hourly, daily, weekly, and, the most reasonable, monthly. It is essential to set one because you might max out your prepaid SIM cards without it in a matter of minutes.

Online: you can manage your prepaid SIM cards online by visiting each provider’s website. You must sign up using your cell number and a chosen password. Then you can recharge your balance, select data plans, and use discount offers.

USSD codes: using *1# USSD code, you can access almost every service for your prepaid SIM cards. It especially comes in handy when you don’t have an internet connection.

Emergency Numbers

You may Dial 911 or 110 from any SIM card in an emergency, even when your balance is zero. Also, 155 is for medical emergencies, and 125 is for the fire department.

Now that you have your prepaid SIM cards and data plan up and running, you might also want to check out this article on useful apps for visiting Iran.

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