Masouleh village is a small Mountain Village in Iran located at the south west of Gillan province, best choice to travel to Iran!

The most iconic feature of this city is the odd and amazing stair shaped architecture of its houses.

This mountain village (recently transformed into a city) in Iran is the only vertical city in the country, and probably in the world.

Masouleh village establishment dates back to more than 10 centuries ago. Due to the lack of any flat land close by, the village was established in a vertical formation upon the face of the mountain.

Since then, numerous other villages in the country adopted this form and were established on the mountain ranges, villages such as Sanandaj’s Uramanat village and Urmia’s Zonuzaq village.

All of these features have helped the village to transform into one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the country.

Masouleh hotels, cafes, and restaurants are all ready to welcome you upon your arrival.

The best time to visit Masouleh village is during spring, summer and fall.

Being surrounded by tall mountain ranges, the weather here during winter is freezing cold, mostly below zero.

Travel to Masouleh Village

Airplane: the closest airport to Masouleh city is Rasht city International Airport which is 65 km away. There are daily flights available from there to Tehran city and Mashhad city. Other cities have less frequent flights.

Bus: you can only get yourself as far as Fuman city or Rasht city by bus. From there you have to use the public transport (shared taxis) or minibuses to get to Masouleh city.

There is No train station available close to Masouleh city.

Masouleh Hotels

Navid Hotel

It is one of the most beautiful of Masouleh hotels with classic Masouleh village design accompanied by a great view of the city and mountains.

Address: at the end of the second level of Masouleh Bazaar

Phone number: +98 911 132 1870

Mehran Hotel

Another classic option of Masouleh hotels located close to the Museum of Anthropology.

Address: Close to the parking and Bazaar entrance

Phone number: +98 1334752096

Aria Hotel

This is a more luxurious of Masouleh hotels than the last ones located outside of the city with parking spaces

Address: 3 km outside of Masouleh city, in Fuman Road

Phone number: +981136535 5810

Getting around in a Mountain Village in Iran

Masouleh village recently was turned into a city, becoming the only vertical city in the country. There are no roads available here, except for a ring road that goes around this Village/City to the top of it.

Yet being a small city, you can walk all over it in just a matter of minutes. The only problem might be your stamina, because it’s all about steps and ascension and descent.

Masouleh Village Tourism Attractions

Masouleh village, is a thousand-year-old vertical village.

The architecture of this mountain village in Iran is unique, every house built on top of the other making a stairway-like shape.

The extraordinary and unbelievable sight of this village alone is enough to attract any traveler here.

Inside Masouleh village, The Old Bazaar, The Museum of Anthropology and The classic restaurants and Cafes of the city can keep you busy for some time.

The structures of the houses are also a sight to see. Most of them having colorful windows and balconies facing the mountains peaks on the southern side of the village.

The natural sights around the village are countless, considering that the city is surrounded with High peaked mountains and jungles.

Masouleh Rud Khan and Terishum are two of the closest waterfalls to the village, eventually reaching the village to form the Masouleh River and water source.

There are lots of Hiking trails available around this mountain village in Iran, going through dense and mist covered forests.

If you are looking for more challenging and untouched natural sights around the village, you can go to Shah Moalem peak or Kurbar Trail. For both, you need to have high stamina and a local guide.

What to Eat in Masouleh Village?

As every other city, there are a number of local Ash available here, aside from those, Mirza Qasemi and Kebab Torsh are the other popular choices or Iranian cuisine in Masouleh village.

Agradak (اگردک) is the most famous local Iranian dessert and last but not least, is the local cheese which is you have to try in Masouleh.

Souvenirs of Masouleh Village

One of the most beautiful souvenirs here, are the Handmade dolls. These colorful dolls are made of cotton strings, manifesting the kindness and beauty inside the old grandmothers of the village, who make them.

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