Travel guide to Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan castle

Rudkhan castle

Northern Iran is one of the attractive tourist destinations that is visited by many travelers every year. As well as having many natural attractions and very beautiful nature, northern Iran also has historical attractions, one of the most famous of which is Rudkhan Castle (Qaleh Rudkhan).

In the town of Fooman and adjacent to the dense forest trees, you can find Rudkhan Castle, which is one of Iran’s most important historical and military Ancient Persian castles.

Throughout its history, this strong and impregnable castle has seen many ups and downs and has now become one of Fooman’s most important tourist attractions. Join us in this article from the Iran Travel Guide Center to introduce this historic castle to you as much as possible.

History of Rudkhan Castle

The Qaleh Rudkhan was discovered in 1830 by a Polish Iranologist named Aleksander Borejko Chodźko. Saksar historic castle is another name for this Ancient Persian castle. A lot of historians believe Rudkhan Castle dates back to the Sassanid dynasty and the Arab invasion of Iran.

Rudkhan Castle in past
Rudkhan Castle in the past

Because of its high strength and such an advantageous location for military purposes, this fort underwent several reconstructions during the Seljuk era and also came to be used by Ismailis (Assassins Creed warriors of Alamut). Also, during the Safavid dynasty, this fort was rebuilt again for use by “Sultan Hesam al-Din”, the ruler of the state.

The river and forests all around this castle have given it a unique defensive and military position, so it has always been considered throughout history. Rudkhan Castle was listed in the list of Iranian national historical monuments because of its historical value and the numerous artifacts it contains.

The Architecture of Rudkhan Castle

This castle is one of the most impenetrable old castles in Iran. The materials used in the buildings, as well as the type of architecture, contribute to this castle’s military importance. The area of Qaleh Rudkhan is 2.6 hectares. This castle is built on two peaks and its height is between 670 to 715 meters above sea level.

Its ramparts and tower are 15 meters high and 1500 meters long. Among the materials used in the construction of this building are brick, stone, wood, mortar, and lime. Rudkhan Castle was an impenetrable fortress against the enemy army because of its solid materials, as well as the special location and type of architecture.

The castle is divided into three parts: east, west, and middle. In the eastern part, mainly military activities took place. The castle’s eastern part contains a variety of buildings including prisons, emergency rooms, towers, and residential units.

The Qorkhaneh is located in this part of the Qaleh Rudkhan castle. The soldiers lived and trained in this section. A large gate also stands at the center of the castle.

In the western part of the castle, there are entrance gates, The citadel, water storage, cold storage, royal, and various residential units. The citadel, which is a two-story, brick building, was the residence of the ruler and his harem.

Saksar historic castle
Saksar historic castle

The Shah Neshin is located in this part of the castle, whose special architecture helped the ruler to monitor the whole castle Despite the impenetrability of the castle. There are sloping grooves on the walls and towers of the fort that were used to pour molten material on the heads of enemies and to shoot them.

How to go to Rudkhan Castle?

Saksar historic castle is located at a high altitude and to reach it you have to go through many stairs. But only when you reach the top, do you realize that climbing all those stairs was worth it. Most of the time, this ancient Persian castle is engulfed in fog, and when you look down from above, you only see beauty.

Furthermore, crossing the river and visiting local vendors on the way to the castle have made it very appealing to visitors. Rudkhan Castle is also known as “the Thousand Steps Castle”. Having many steps to access it was the reason for the naming. There were 930 steps in the castle in the past. Of course, new stairs have been built to reach this castle, which is about 1620.

When is the best time to visit Rudkhan Castle?

In each season, tourist attractions have their unique beauty. It is no exception to this rule for Rudkhan Castle. Seeing this castle any time of year is intriguing to nature lovers, whether it is in autumn when the trees wear colorful clothes or in winter when the fortress is dressed in white.

But it is better to know that the best time to visit this Ancient Persian castle is the first half of the year, especially in spring. In these seasons, the number of visitors to Saksar historic castle reaches its maximum. The temperate climate of this region, especially in spring, makes many people choose this season to visit Rudkhan Castle.

Keep in mind that in autumn and winter, due to rain, the access route is muddy and the stairs are very slippery. Also, some parts of the route may not be accessible and you may have problems.

Qaleh Rudkhan Bazaar
Qaleh Rudkhan Bazaar

Travel and visit conditions of Qaleh Rudkhan

  • People with physical problems, elderly people, and children cannot visit the Saksar historic castle due to the castle’s many steps.
  • To avoid becoming fatigued while visiting the castle, wear suitable shoes. Iran tourism recommends buying bamboo walking sticks at the beginning of the route. The sticks will help you get less tired as you walk.
  • Note that you must dedicate a full day to visit Rudkhan Castle.

Access to Saksar historic castle

To reach Rudkhan Castle, you must travel to Fooman first and then enter the Rudkhan Castle Road. The distance between Fooman and Qaleh Rudkhan is 30 km and from Rasht to Qaleh Rudkhan is 53 km.

Where to stay overnight?

The closest city to this Ancient Persian castle is Fooman. You can stay the night in Fooman hotels. The next option is Rasht City Hotels. If you want to be close to the sea, you should think of Anzali City hotels.

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