Anzali City: Iran’s Historic Caspian Port

Anzali City

Anzali City

Anzali City, the European Gate, or the Lotus City is one of the most important Iranian harbors of the Caspian Sea. it is the second-largest city in Gilan province, after Rasht City.

The locals speak in the Gilaki dialect and are mostly occupied in sea-related jobs, such as commerce and fishery. Anzali Harbor is one of the top destinations for local tourists who want to enjoy the sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea.

Aside from that, Anzali Lagoon is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the country, with its unique lotus flowers and migrating birds.

The weather here except for summer which is hot and humid is mostly cool with constant rain showers.

History of Anzali Lagoon

Anzali City, also known as Bandar-e Anzali, is situated on the southwestern coast of the Caspian Sea in northern Iran. Its history is deeply intertwined with its strategic location and maritime significance. Anzali has a rich and diverse historical background that has shaped the city into what it is today.

The history of Anzali dates back centuries, with the region serving as a hub for trade and commerce along the ancient Silk Road. Its favorable position along the Caspian Sea made it a vital port for maritime trade, attracting merchants and travelers from various corners of the world.

During the 19th century, Anzali became even more prominent when the Russian Empire sought to establish influence in the Caspian region. The city served as a significant center for the Russian navy, further boosting its importance as a maritime port.

In the modern era, Anzali played a crucial role in Iran’s oil industry. The city was involved in the transportation of oil to foreign markets, solidifying its status as a key coastal city.

Today, Anzali continues to thrive as a bustling port city with a blend of historical charm and contemporary influences. Its picturesque waterfront, vibrant bazaars, and unique cultural heritage make it a fascinating destination for both tourists and historians interested in exploring its rich history along the Caspian shores.

Travel to Anzali Harbor

Airplane: The closest airport to Anzali City is Rasht International Airport which is 30 km away, by the Rasht – Anzali Harbor Road.

Bus: There are daily buses available to Tehran city and Rasht city from here. The Anzali City Bus Terminal is located at the eastern end of the city. You can get yourself here using the city buses and get off at the Meraj Square bus stop. There are NO train stations available anywhere near Anzali Harbor.

Getting around in Anzali city

The only public transport option available here is The Conventional city buses and the Shared Cabs. No Metro or BRT is Available here.

Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon

Anzali City Hotels

You will never run out of options to stay in Anzali Harbor. Even most of the locals have spare rooms or flats for rent (like Air B & b).

Nakhl Hotel

Located by the seashore, with a great view and excellent service. Parking, Free Wi-Fi, and honeymoon sweets are also available.

Address: at the Corner of Saharkhiz Alley, Pasdaran Street.

Phone number: +98-01344508887


Instagram: @nakhlhotel

Olympic Hotel

This Hotel is located at the Anzali Tourism Village, where every service required by travelers is available.

Address: Bandar Anzali, Kaj Bandar St.

Phone number: +98-01344426840

Anzali Harbor Tourist Attractions

Except for the Museum of Anzali, there aren’t any other historical sites available in the city. Yet what the city lacks in historical sights, it makes up for with Natural sights.

The kilometers of Caspian Sea sandy shores, with every kind of water entertainment, are available.

Here you can also witness the local fishermen by the shoreline every morning, catching fresh fish from the sea and transporting them to the fish markets in Anzali city and Rasht City.

Also, Asalem city (Persian: اسالم‎, also Romanized as Asālem) and Some Sara (Persian: صومعه سرا) City are two places where you can go to enjoy the high mountain peaks covered with dense rain forests.

There’s the Anzali Lagoon. it is a unique wetland in the country. There are several islands available in Anzali Lagoon, where you can disembark from boats and observe the Migrating birds.

Also, this is the home of Persian Lotus and Water Lily flowers. The breathtaking sight of these flowers in Anzali Lagoon, especially during spring when they are blooming is what you might have only seen in paintings.

Restaurants in Anzali City

There are some special Iranian cuisine dishes available in Anzali city. Dishes such as Baqale Qatogh, Fesenjoon, and especially the fresh or Smoked Fish.

Also, the rice from the Local Rice fields around the city is so good that locals serve plain rice as a separate dish at some meals. Haj Morteza Restaurant and Niloofar Abi Restaurant are two of the best Restaurants in Anzali where you can get your hands on these dishes.

Anzali City Souvenirs

Except for the famous freshly caught Fish and Rice, Mat weaving, and Nazok Kari, which is a way of constructing wooden plates and utensils, are available in Anzali City.

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