Rasht city is the largest Caspian shore city of Iran, and the third tourist attractive city in the country. Rasht city is very well known for its rainy weather, ever green nature, and its food diversity, making it the capital of food tourism of Iran travel. The history of Rasht is filled with bravery and treachery.

The weather here is mostly humid, with constant rain falls throughout the whole year. The best times to visit Rasht city is during winter, spring, and autumn. The humidity and the heat during the summer might not be appealing to everyone.

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Travel to Rasht city

Airplane: Rasht City International Airport is located at the northern end of the city. There are daily flights available to Tehran city and Mashhad city, and less frequent flights to other cities in the country.

Bus: Rasht city bus terminal is located at the southern entrance of the city. There are daily departures to most of the major cities in the country.

There are NO train stations anywhere close to Rasht city.

Getting around in Rasht city

The only public transport options available here are the conventional city buses and shared cabs. No BRT or metro system is available.

Rasht Hostels and Hotels

Aside from the Rasht hostels and hotels mentioned below, there are a few other options available in small towns and villages around Rasht city, with modest themes and classic environments.

Ordibehesht Hotel and Restaurant

This option of Rasht hostels and hotels located downtown, with easy access to public transport and important parts of the city has reasonable price ranges.

Address: Neshat street, Ostad Sara street, Alam-ol Hoda Avenue, Sabze Meydan (Square)

Phone number: +98 13 3322 9210

Pamchal Hotel

Located at the southern side of the city, close to Rasht, Tehran Exp way. with free wifi and decent room service.

Address: Tushiba Square, Imam Khomeini Blv.

Phone number: +98 13 3366 3822

Gilan Grand Hotel

The luxurious choice of Rasht hostels and hotels with great outdoor restaurant and high quality room service.

Address: Monzarie Blv.

Phone number: +98 13 3336 5070

Rasht City Tourism Attractions

History of Rasht goes back to more than 1500 years ago. Being located at a strategic location by the Caspian Sea, you can see every local authority or government has tried to get its grips on the city during the history of Rasht.

Shahrdari Square complex is the central hub of the city and maybe the most iconic landmark of the history of Rasht city. The Museum of Anthropology, and The House-Museum of Mirza Kuchak Khan are two other important manifests of the great history of Rasht.

One of the greatest museums in the country, Gilan Rural Heritage Museum which gives you a better sight into Gilan village lifestyle, architecture and the overall history of Rasht is located 15 km outside of the city, by the Saravan eco-park.

Qaleh rud khan
Qaleh rud khan

The natural sights around Rasht city are endless. From the Caspian Sea coasts to the north, to evergreen jungles and walking trails in the west, and Alborz mountain peaks and lakes and marshes… you will never run out of natural sights around here. Villages and cities such as Masouleh village, and Qaleh rud khan are other amazing places to see around Rasht.

Rasht Restaurants

Rasht city is the capital of Iranian cuisine food tourism in Iran. There are more than 100 delicious local dishes available in Rasht restaurants; but of course you can’t try all Rasht restaurants and dishes during your stay, so here we introduce you some of the most popular ones.

Kebab Torsh and Morghe Torsh are barbequed lamb and chicken, flavored with sour tasting spices.

Shevid Qormeh, Shevid Mosama and Alu Mosama are three stews usually served alongside with rice.

Kuee Tare is a stew made with pumpkin.

Fesenjan Mahi is a sour tasting dish consisted of fish and pomegranate extract.

Shoorkuli Restaurant at Golsar intersection and Moharam Restaurant in Imam Khomeini Blv. are two of the best Rasht restaurants, where you can get a taste of authentic Iranian cuisine dishes.

Rasht City Souvenirs

Rasht city is very famous for its fresh of Smoked Fish. Fuman and Lahijan are two cities close to Rash City with Great Local Cookies. Also, Tea, Olives, and Reshte Khoshkar are some other edible Rasht city souvenirs.

There are a number of handicrafts also available such as Mat weaving, Rashti Doozi, Chamoosh Doozi, Morvar Bafi, and… you can get your hands on most of them in Rasht city bazaar.

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