Kashan City

Kashan City

Kashan city is one of the top Iran tourist attractions. This city is the first city you get to after Tehran if you take the Persian Classic trip plan provided by Irantourism.

Kashan receives thousands of tourists annually, offering them a range of sights. Numerous historical houses that exist in the city are living witnesses to the long and eventful Kashan history and are now ready to tell you all about them. From cultural to historical and also natural.

The weather here is mostly cool and sunny during spring and summer, but the chill of the winters can be a bit tricky.

So, follow this article from the Iran Travel Guide Centre to learn more about this Iran tourist attraction.

Travel to Kashan City

Train: the Isfahan city – Tehran railway passes through Kashan. Kashan Railway station is located on the western side of the town. Daily trains are available in both directions and Bandar Abbas and Yazd city.

Bus: all the buses from Tehran city going to Shiraz city and Isfahan city pass through Kashan city. Kashan Bus Terminal is located on the northeastern side of the town.

Aeroplane: The closest airports to Kashan city are Tehran and Isfahan City.

Kashan Hotels

Several historical houses/hotels and conventional options are available in Kashan.

·       Noghli traditional hotel

It is an elegant historical house transformed into a Hotel. With reasonable price and good location, close to the city centre and attractions of the city

Address: Masjed Aqa Bozorg street, Fazel Naraghi Avenue

Phone number: +9831 5523 3324

·       Sadeqi Traditional hotel

Another historical house in the city. With good service. Located close to Tabatabaee house.

Address: Alavi street, Fazel Naraqi Avenue

Phone number: +98 31 5522 4637

·       Sayah Hotel

A reasonably priced place with a normal setting.

Address: Darvaze Dolat Square

Phone number: +98 31 5544 6555

City Attraction of Kashan

Kashan Attraction
Kashan Attraction

One of the major centres of Iran’s tourist attractions is Kashan. Kashan history offers you several choices, from elegant Historical houses of Borujerdis and Abbasis with their amazing designs to Fin Garden and the old neighbourhood of the city.

Another indication of Great Kashan History is the Silk Hill, where remains of a 7,000 years old civilisation have been found. And it would help if you did not forget Kashan Grand Bazaar, where you can observe the local’s lifestyle.

Around the city, there is Noosh Abad Underground City and Abyaneh village, one of the country’s most eye-catching villages.

Kashan is also a culturally rich city. Some unique festivals and gatherings occur here annually, which all have deep roots in Kashan history.

Festivals such as Nakhl Gardani are religious ceremonies during Moharram’s time.

Qali Share (Carpet Washing) tradition, registered in the UN’s Intangible cultural heritage, takes place in the second week of Autumn. And also, the Rose Water production Festival, renowned worldwide, takes place here in Kashan during the second half of spring.

And last but not least, the city of Kashan is one of the best places for you to go to the desert and enjoy a night camping on the dunes and gazing at the stars. Maranjab desert and Matin Abad desert camp are two of the most famous deserts in Iran.

What to eat in Kashan?

Gusht Lubia, Qeyme Rize, Shefte and Kufteh Choqondar are some of Kashan’s most famous Iranian cuisine dishes.

Haji badam
Haji badam

Haji Badumi and Kashan cookies are two famous local sweets and desserts here.

Kashan Souvenirs

The most famous souvenir of Kashan city is the Rose Water. It is very high quality and high on demand. The other renowned souvenir of the town is its handmade carpets. The carpet stores in the Grand Bazaar are one of the city’s best attractions.

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