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Yazd City, the city of wind catchers, the city of bricks and mud, is located at the center of Iran travel, 620 km south to the capital, Tehran city. Yazd benefits from the unique design of its old buildings which were registered on the UN just a few years ago. The diverse culture of the city, and the co-existence of different religions such as Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Jewish as well as Islam has given Yazd tourism a different color than the other cities in the country.

the weather in Yazd city is mostly too hot or too cold, due to being surrounded by desserts. During spring and summer the weather is mostly warm and hot, reaching 48 degrees Celsius, and during fall and winter, it can drop below zero. Also, the temperature difference during day and night is much.

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Yazd Travel Means

Bus: Qadir Bus Terminal is the main terminal of the city. There are buses available to Yazd from almost every city in the country. It’s 6 hours to Shiraz city, 2.5 hours to Na’in and 4 hours to Isfahan city. You can get yourself to this bus terminal by taking the city buses from Dolat Abad, Imam Khomeini, or Imam Ali terminals and getting off at Qadir Bus Station Stop.

Train: Yazd city is connected to Tehran, Kerman city, Isfahan, and Kashan city via the railroad, making overnight Yazd Travel possible. It is also possible to continue your travel to other cities by changing your train in Tehran. You can use Be’sat Intersection-Yazd rail station buses to get here easily.

Airplane: Yazd International Airport is located side by side to the Qadir Bus Terminal. There are daily flights to Mashhad and Tehran available. To get to Yazd city airport you can use Imam Ali Terminal-Yazd Airport buses.

Yazd Hostel and Hotels

Orient Hotel: It is the best choice among Yazd hostel and hotels for budget travelers, offering dorm, single and double bedrooms; Located at 6th street, Jameh mosque Square.

Phone number: +98-351-626 7783

Kohan Hotel and Traditional House: This Yazd hostel is the 300-year-old traditional house that gives you the privilege of staying and experiencing a night in a classic Persian house at your experience of Yazd tourism and visiting Yazd hostel; located at behind Alexanders Prison, Imam street.

phone number: +9835 3621 2485

Vali Yazd hotel: A more luxurious choice of Yazd hostel and hotels, but with a traditional setting; located at Imam Khomeini street.

phone number: +98 35 3622 8050

Yazd Tourism

Yazd tourism is not only limited to Yazd city itself; The surrounding cities such as Meybod and Na’in are almost as historically and culturally rich, as Yazd city itself. The old fabric of Yazd city is so amazing and interesting, that it has been registered on the UN, making it the second city in the country after Susa to be registered as a world heritage. These parts of the city, with the roofed streets that provides you with a shade during the harsh summers, and the wind catcher buildings that are still an engineering phenomenon, are enough to make traveling to Yazd city worth it. Also, you can easily find Yazd hostel at Meybod and Na’in.

Due to the geologic situation of Yazd city, water accessibility and management was of great concern here, thus the invention of Qanat Water systems, one of the wonders of water management in the world. Make sure you visit the Yazd Museum of Water in order to get the full grasp of it.

Yazd city is the center of Zoroastrianism in the country. So there are a number of Zoroastrianism religious centers available for you to see, as well as the Museum of Zoroastrians History and Culture is where you can learn all that there is about this ancient religion of Iran. Also Bahram fire Temple and Dakhmeh (the pit) are other Zoroastrianism sights of the Yazd tourism.

Yet, Yazd tourism is not complete without visiting the Islamic religious centers of the city. There are quite a few Islamic religious centers available in the city, Jame Mosque and Amir Chakhmagh Complex being two of the most famous ones. Zandiyeh School (also known as Alexander’s prison) is another one of them.

There are lots of other historical sites such as bazaars, mosques, old houses, and neighborhoods available in the city that would keep you occupied for some time if you want to check them all out.

Dowlat Abad and Pahlevanpour Gardens are two of the greatest and most amazing Persian gardens in the country, built and tended here in Yazd City, one of the hottest and driest regions in the country.

Around Yazd city, there are places like Kharānaq the remaining of one of the oldest mud cities, and two other historical Persian cities of Meybod and Na’in. Also if you are interested in desserts, there are a number of choices available for you in Yazd city, spicing up your Yazd travel.

Yazdi Ash, Qeime Nokhod (chickpea stew) and Kufteh are some of the most popular local dishes in Yazd. Khan Dohad Traditional Restaurant in Basij boulevard and Adib Almamalek Restaurant in Qiam street are two of the most famous restaurants of the city offering original Persian food dishes.

Also, Yazdi Faludeh as well as Qotab, Haji Badam, Pashmak, Baqlava and Yazdi cup cakes are some of the local Iranian dessert. You can get your hands on them in old bazaar.

Souvenirs from Yazd Travel

Aside from the sweets mentioned above, Yazd city is well known for its handmade cloth Fabrics. She’r Bafi, Termeh, Shama, Chador Shab and Daraee Bafi are all various kinds of handmade Cloth and Fabrics, very well suited to get as an oriental souvenir. The best place to browse and buy these handmade goods, is the Old Bazaar.

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