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Persian Classic Trip Plan

The classic cities of Persia unfurl like pages from a historical epic, each brimming with tales of ancient splendor. Isfahan, with its majestic Imam Square and intricate Islamic architecture, resonates with the grandeur of the Safavid Empire. Shiraz, the city of poets and nightingales, cradles the poetic tombs of Hafez and Saadi amidst its blooming gardens. Yazd, the beacon of Zoroastrian culture, rises from the desert with its windcatchers and the silent, timeless alleys that weave through its mud-brick old town. These cities are treasure troves of Persian art, from the resplendent tiles adorning mosques and palaces to the fine Persian carpets underfoot. Visiting these venerable cities is a journey through layers of history, where the stories, cultural practices, and architectural marvels of Persia’s classical era are still vibrantly alive, inviting travelers to step into a world where history and legend coalesce.

Persian Classic Trip Plan

Day 1 - Tehran

(Overnight in Tehran)

In Tehran city (the current capital city of ancient Iran) take a taxi (usually yellow or green) from 80,000 RLS to 400,000 RLS depending on the distance or use ride-hailing app in Iran like Snapp to order a cab or you can take the metro in Tehran with 8 different lines that cover almost the whole city and definitely all major places.

To plan your trips using Tehran metro for intercity transportation. Using Tehran metro in combination with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is recommended since it allows travelers to miss the city traffic and enjoy utmost reach throughout the city.

Google Maps is a useful tool (as it is in all Persian cities) for navigating around the city.

Visit Iran tourists attractions:

Day 2 - Tehran

(Overnight in Shiraz)

In Tehran, take the Taxi or use Snapp mobile application to order a cab or you can take Metro's Green or Blue line to reach Enghelab Station for :

  • Carpet Museum

For transportation to Mehrabad Airport, use Snaap mobile application to order a cab or you can take Metro's Yellow line to reach the appropriate Mehrabad Terminal station for your trip. 

Fly to Shiraz at night

Take a Taxi from Shiraz Airport to the city center for about 300,000 Rials which is about 7-8 USD

Day 3 - Shiraz

Shiraz is probably the most significant of all Persian cities that served as the capital to the first Persian dynasty with many great archeological sites, Iranian gardens, mosques, and numerous collections of Islamic art and architecture to visit. Shiraz was recognized as the first official capital city between all other Persian cities and earned itself the reputation for being so beautiful build to portray the heaven on earth with mild climate, endless orchards, and hospitable people.

Although, exploring Shiraz definitely requires a longer stay, it doesn’t mean our travelers of visit Iran, can’t grasp the real feel in a two/three days’ time our plan has allocated to this city.

In the morning visit gardens and outdoors places to avoid midday heat.

Visit Iran tourism attractions here:

In the evening visit indoors sites and museums to enjoy the cool breeze of this thoughtfully designed and engineered ancient Persian city.

Visit Iran places like:

Day 4 - Shiraz
  • Visit Iran tourism attractions like:
    • Naqsh-e Rustam
    • Persepolis
  • Evening city tour and Shiraz cuisine

Day 5 -Yazd

Go to Karandish Bus Terminal to take the bus to Yazd (Bride of Desert). The VIP ticket costs 350,000 Rials which is about 10 Dollars. Or you can take the taxi, share a ride to drive towards Yazd. On the way, at Pasargadae, visit:

Then, proceed to Abarkuh to visit:

  • Icehouse (Yakhchal)
Day 6 -Yazd

(Overnight in Yazd)

In Yazddar bast taxis start from 100,000 Rials for short trips, and for longer trips you can expect to pay anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 Rials which is also the price charged from the Shahid Sadooghi Airport to the city center. For useful information about Yazd, please visit Here.

Buses run from 30,000 Rials and the route covers the main terminal to the bus stop at the corner of Imamzadeh Jafar and Shahid Rajai St.

  • Towers of Silence
  • Varahram Fire Temple
  • Yazd Friday Mosque (Jome Bazaar of Yazd)
  • Ancient City Walls
  • Fahadan Ancient Quarter
  • Dolat Abad Garden
  • Water Museum
  • Mir Chaqmaq Tekiyeh
  • Khaan Bazaar of Yazd (Best Bazaars of Iran Here)
  • Yazd Art House 
  • Dad Hotel (Optional)

More on Yazd and its heritage Here.

Day 7 -Esfahan

(Overnight in Esfahan)

Drive towards IsfahanOn the way, at Meybod, visit:

You can take a day trip to Meybod taking the minibuses from Imam Hossein Square. You can also arrange for a share ride. Sometime the minibus takes too long to fill and leave.

  • Narin Fortress (Narin Qal'eh)
  • Meybod Caravansary Complex (Caravansary, Icehouse, Water Reservoir and Chapar Khaneh)
  • A Pigeon Tower

On the way, in Nain, visit:

  • Nain Friday Mosque

The bus ride from Meybod to Nain is about one hour. Simply take the direct bus to Nain

Continue to Esfehan to visit:

To continue to Isfahan you can take the bus from Nain Bus Terminal for a 2 hour ride to destination.  

Continue to Esfehan to visit:

Day 8 -Esfahan

In Isfehan, visit:

Buses and minibuses run all day frequently from the main bus terminal near Chehelsotun building.

For detailed information on Isfahan and how to get around please visit Here.

Please note that if you are going to visit Isfahan Fire Temple (Atashkadeh Isfahan) you must take the bus from Sheikh Bahai St. terminal.

You can expect to take a dar bast taxi (private taxi) anywhere from 120,000 to 350,000 Rials.

  • Chehelsotun Palace
  • Meidan-e-Emam (Naqsh-e Jahan Square)
  • Emam Khomeini Mosque (Shah Mosque)
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Aliqapoo Palace
  • Qeysarie Bazaar
  • Handicraft Workshops
  • Vank Cathedral
  • Jolfa Armenian Quarter
Day 9 -Esfahan

(Overnight in Tehran)

Drive to Kashan On the way, at Abyaneh, visit:

It's a little over 2 hour drive to Abyaneh from Isfahan. Private taxis charge anywhere from 1,500,000 to 2,000,00 Rials based on the 100,000 Rials hourly rate plus 50,000 per Kilometer which is about 40 USD. 

For detailed information and how to get around in Kashan please visit Here.

Drive towards Tehran

On the way, visit Kashan:

The ride from Abyaneh to Kashan will cost another 40 USD.

  • Tabatabaee Traditional House
  • Fin Garden
  • Underground City of Nooshabad

You can take the bus from the Main Kashan Bus Terminal  in the northern part of Kashan to Tehran for 160,000 Rials and the ride takes about 3.5 hours via Qom

Arrive at Tehran.

Day 10 - Tehran

Go to Imam Khomeini Airport to fly home.

For detailed information on Transportation to Airport please visit Here

For general information on Transportation in Iran please visit Here.

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