Tomb of Saadi, The Persian Poet in Shiraz

Tomb of Saadi Shirazi is one of the Shiraz Attractions located side by side to the Delgosha Garden. Saadi Shirazi was a prominent Persian poet who lived his life as a Sufi and died in solitude in the 13th century. Saadi’s words are still quoted by people even after 8 centuries that have passed since his living. It is as though his words have lived through the ages. He is regarded the second greatest Persian poet after Ferdowsi, who single-handedly saved the Persian language after the occupation of Iran by the Invading Arabs.

tomb of saadi shirazi
tomb of saadi shirazi

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Overlook of Tomb of Saadi Shirazi

Accessibility: in order to get to tomb of Saadi, you have to take a bus and get off at Delgosha Intersection Bus Stop and from there walk up the Boostan boulevard to the end, passed the Delgosha Garden.

Or you can get to Saadi’s Tomb, one of the Shiraz attractions through subway; it is like Tehran mtero. Get on any station of metro in Shiraz and get off at Saadi Station in Line 2.

Open Days and Hours: Tomb of Saadi is open the whole week, from 8a.m to 8p.m

Ticket price: 150.000 RLS

Brief History about Tomb of Saadi in Shiraz City

Tomb of Saadi is located at the place that this Persian poet lived during the last years of his life. he lived in complete solitude, dedicating his remaining years of life to contemplating and praying. His first memorial Tomb was built a couple years later after he passed out, but it was destructed a couple decades later due to resentment of a local governor.

Today Tomb of Saadi is one of the Shiraz attractions and a place where literate gatherings and poem reading groups get together every day, to rehearse his poems and pay their respects to this prominent Persian Poet.

Tomb of Saadi
Tomb of Saadi

Design of Saadi’s Tomb; One of Marvelous Shiraz Attractions

The building of Tomb of Saadi is located at the middle of a Persian style garden, with tall trees, colorful flowers and of course a water fountain.

The architecture of the building is adopted from the shape of the “Chehel Sutun” or Forty column Palace in Isfahan city. It is dressed with mirror works and mosaic works of all colors. Saadi’s Tomb is located inside this building, which is covered with high walls and a hexadecimal ceiling. There are 8 tablets attached to the walls all around the room, seven of them inscribed with selected poems of Saadi, and one of them describing the process of constructing the building.

Other poets buried at the Tomb of Saadi

Left to the Saadi’s Tomb there is another Persian poet buried. Shurideh Shirazi, a blind poet who was born and died in Shiraz city is buried left to Saadi according to his own last will. These two tombs are connected together via a long and elegant hallway, supported with high columns.

Underground fish pound

Beneath the surface of Tomb of Saadi, there’s a water stream flowing, ending up into a fish pound. People have always believed that washing down their clothes in this pound and with this sacred water could bless them. Especially during the celebration of “Last Wednesday of the year”. It was among one of the rituals of saying goodbye the past year and getting ready for the upcoming year. Now, this fish pound’s entrance is located left to Tomb of Saadi, going down underground via a series of steps. Today, there are no more fish in the pound, but there are some paintings making up for them.

More Info about Tomb of Saadi

There are literate gatherings taking place in this cultural place, such as live music festivals, Poem reading gatherings, live performances and etc. So, if you want to get a glance into local contemporary art you might be able to do so if you are lucky; but on the other hand, during these times, the Tomb of Saadi gets extremely crowded. So, you better to watch out for them if you would like to have a peaceful and quite tour of the place.

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