Carpet Museum of Tehran is the only museum in the world, dedicated to researching and Exhibiting Carpets and related matters. Although the museum’s building took 15 years to be constructed but the design amazingly great and wonderfully executed.

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Overlook of Carpet Museum of Tehran, Iran

Accessibility: in order to get to Carpet Museum of Tehran, you can take Azadi to Hafte-Tir busses and get off at Laleh park station.

or, you can also take Shahid Chamran line BRT bus and get off at Baqer khan station. Then the museum would be a 10-minute walk away.

Open days and hours: Thursdays to Sundays, from 9a.m to 6p.m

phone number: (+98) 2188962709

Ticket price:  200,000 RLS

Summary about Museum of Carpet

Carpet Museum is located in the northern part of Laleh Park, Tehran. This building was opened around 40 years ago with the goal of preservation, information and showcasing of one of the most unique and most precious of Iranian arts, Carpets.

Making of a carpet from start to end takes relentless effort and labor, but the outcome is a priceless piece of art which is cherished by everyone and is handed over generations to generations in families.

Carpet designs of Iranian Carpets are usually adopted from nature, folk myth, stories or holy books such as Quran. Some other of the carpets were gifts to the kings or Royal Families. these Carpets either tell a story of valor and bravery on the battle field or depict the face of a person or some people.

Design of Carpet National Museum of Iran

The building is designed in a shape of a carpet loom and when the sun shines upon it, it casts shadows on the inner walls.

The building is consisted of two levels, the first one is the permanent home to more than 150 of most precious Iranian Carpets from 500 years ago until now and the second level is the conference room and temporary showcase halls.

The library of this national museum of Iran contains more than 7000 books regarding Carpets in many languages. it is a good source for researchers and university students.

Variety of Iranian Carpets

The overall process of Carpet making is the same everywhere in Iran, but the designs and colors of the carpets differ from city to city.

The most famous and high-quality carpet making cities in Iran are: Esfahan city, Tabriz city, Kashan city, Kerman city, Khorasan, and Kurdistan.

You can see each city unique carpet design and their similarities and differences in this national museum of Iran.

Although, now Machine-made carpets cover most of the Iranian floors, but the old school handmade Carpet still Has its value among people and it continues to grow.

More Info

In the building of the Carpet Museum, there’s a cozy and small Cafe available, where you can get a cup of Classic Persian style tea while looking at Persian carpets.

The gift shop is located in front of the Cafe, where you can get some gifts and souvenirs from the Carpet Museum of Tehran.

When you want to enter the main exhibit, you have to cover your shoes with disposable shoe covers.

Touching and Taking pictures with the flash on is highly prohibited at this place.

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