Qazvin City: Where History and Modernity Coexist

Qazvin City

Qazvin City

Qazvin City is one of the top tourist Cities in Iran. Being located close to The Capital Tehran city, it is very convenient to get to. There are lots of historical and natural sights available inside and outside the city. Qazvin attractions have been neglected by most tourists, but it only adds to their authenticity and value.

Qazvin is the Capital of calligraphy art in the country and having the greatest number of parks inside the city and Gardens outside of it has given it the name of “Iran’s city Park”.

Qazvin city weather during winter and autumn is Cold and snowy and during summer cool and pleasant. So, follow this article provided by the Iran Travel Guide Center to learn more about Qazvin attractions.

How to Go to Qazvin?

By Train: Tehran – Tabriz City Railway passes through Qazvin City. Qazvin Railway Station is located at the southern end of the city. You can get yourself here by taking the city buses and dropping them off at Iran Mohr Station.

By Bus: almost every bus going to the east of Tehran City passes through Qazvin and Vice versa. And being located only 2 hours from the capital, you have easy access to almost every city in the country from there. Qazvin Bus Terminal is located on the southeastern side of the city, by Tehran Qadim Square.

By Airplane: the closest airport to Qazvin is Mehrabad Airport, which is 2 hours away from Tehran City.

Qazvin Hotels

A budget option of Qazvin Hotels. With good location and easy access to most of the city’s attractions.

Address: at the corner of Saadi and Imam Khomeini Street

Phone number: +98 21 47 62 33

Another budget option in the city. Located close to the Chehel Sotun Palace.

Address: across from Mahtaab Cinema, Ayatollah Taleqani Street.

Phone number: +98 28 33 22 42 39

A reasonably priced hotel located on the eastern side of the city.

Address: by the Valiasr mosque, Valiasr intersection.

Phone number: 028 3356 9514

Attractions of Qazvin

Qazvin is full of original sights. Most of the middle age buildings in Isfahan city were adapted from the buildings in Qazvin; places such as

  • Chehel Sotun Palace
  • Sardar Water reservoir
  • Sadsaltaneh Karvansaray
  • Raufi house
  • Shahrdari Building

are some of the most iconic historical Qazvin Attractions.

Also, Qazvin is a city of museums. Qazvin Museum, Baladieh Museum, Qazvin Museum of Anthropology, and The Museum of Calligraphy are some of the most famous ones.

Jameh mosque, Shahzadeh Hossein Shrine Peighambarieh, and Russian church in Qazvin are some of the religious attractions of this city.

Also, the first modern street ever built in Iran is located here and is one of the most-sees of Qazvin Attractions.

There are a number of Natural sights also available among Qazvin Attractions; places such as Borje Barajin and Vercher Waterfall which make it great for a day hiking trip. Evan Lake and Alamut Site are two other great attractions around the city.

What to eat in Qazvin city?

Qeymeh Nesar, Kale Jush, Ash Dugh, Yatimche, and Halim are some of the local Iranian Cuisine Dishes available in the city. Also, Nan Qandi, Nan Luzi, Paderazi, and Baklava Pich are some of the local Iranian deserts and Sweets.

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