Mehrabad airport is Tehran City‘s main domestic Airport. It is located by the Azadi tower at Azaadi square. It is one of the largest Iranian Airports and consists of 6 Terminals.

From here, you can get yourself to every corner of the country. Even people from other cities, sometimes have to get themselves to Tehran airport, in order to be able to get a flight to their destination. So this has made Mehrabad airport to be one of the most crowded airports in Iran.

Let’s follow this article from Iran travel guide about Tehran airport to find out more about this huge place.

An Overlook of Tehran Airport

In order to get to Mehrabad airport via public transport, you can take line 4 (color-coded yellow) of Tehran metro and get off at Bimeh station and change to Mehrabad line. There are 2 stops available there; the first stop is for Terminal No.1 and 2. The second stop for Terminal No.4 and 6.

You can also get yourself by Bus Rapid Transit network in Iran (BRT) or regular bus to Azadi Square and from there it’s a 2 minutes taxi ride to the airport.

If you have arrived at Mehrabad airport and your next flight is an international flight from Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), you can easily get into the metro station and get to Darvaze Dolat station. There you have to change to Line 1 (color-coded red) and go south. Again at Shahed station, you have to change the line and go straight to IKA airport.


Phone number: 61021

Flight info number: 192

Brief information about Tehran Airport

Mehrabad airport is the largest domestic airport in Iran. The name is taken from the village that used to be here prior to the establishment of the Tehran airport. All the Iranian airlines are servicing in this airport. It is consisted of 6 terminals, and using the subway system, you can get in and out of the airport relatively fast, easy and cheap.

Mehrabad Airport Terminals

There are 6 terminals available at this airport. Depending on your Iranian airlines, your boarding will take place from one of these terminals according to the Iranian airlines:

  • Terminal 1: Kish Air and Zagros Air
  • Terminal 2: Iran Air, Ata, Qeshm Air, Naft, Air tour (the best and safest Iranian airlines), Meraj
  • Terminal 3: this Terminal is only for boarding of pilgrims and religious organized tours.
  • Terminal 4: Mahan (the best and safest Iranian airlines), Kaspian, Aseman, Atrak, Sepahan, Taban
  • Terminal 5 and 6: these two are only for arrivals.

More info on Mehrabad Airport

As well as the usual accommodation options such as duty free shops, restaurants, cafes, Wi-Fi and power outlet spots, and the following options are also available:

Banks: there are 9 Bank branches available in Mehrabad airport in total, ready to provide you with your currency related needs. As well as that, there are numerous ATMs scattered all over the Tehran airport and boarding area.

SIM Card Service Units: if you need to get a mobile SIM cards in Iran, or you are facing difficulties with your provider, well, don’t worry! Hamrah Aval table is located at Terminal No.2

Baby Changing Rooms: these rooms are available at every Terminal in Mehrabad airport.

Europe Car office: if you are planning on renting a car during your stay in Iran, you can do so by going to the Europe Car office. This office is located across from Terminal No.3.

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