Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish traditional bazaar is located in the most northern neighborhood of Tehran city; it is one of the most interesting Tehran bazaars and one of the must-see places when you visit Tehran. This is the main market for everyday shopping for the locals and the Iranians abroad; this is maybe the most memorable Tehran bazaar ever. Being close to Imamzadeh Saleh shrine and the Tajrish square has transformed this place into a social hub for northern Tehran citizens.

This bazaar is close to the Darband hiking track, where you can take one of Tehran’s mountain climbing routes. It is also a place full of traditional restaurants and tea houses. Also, Tochal Ski Resort is just a 10 minutes drive away from here.

Follow this article to find out more about the Tajrish traditional bazaar, one of the Tehran bazaars when you visit Tehran.

Accessibility to The Tajrish Bazaar

When you visit Tehran, to get to Tajrish’s traditional bazaar via public transport, you can take Line 1 (color-coded red) of the Tehran metro (Rapid transit in Iran) and get off at the last stop, Tajrish.

Or you can take the Bus Rapid Transit network in Iran (BRT) buses in Valiasr street to Tajrish Terminal and get off at the last stop, Tajrish square.

Open days and hours

Like other Tehran bazaars, most of the shops in Tajrish traditional bazaar are open from Saturdays to Thursdays from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Fridays.

About Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish’s traditional bazaar is a social hub for the northern district of Tehran. It is a smaller replica of the Tehran grand bazaar, the greatest of Tehran bazaars. It is around 600 meters long with more than 400 stores, offering customers a wide range of products. Also, the fruit market is located at the center of the bazaar, filled with fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables from around the country.

tajrish bazar entrance

tajrish bazar entrance


What You Can See at Tajrish Traditional Bazaar


Walking around the Tajrish traditional bazaar, you can browse handicrafts from all over Iran within a couple of steps; handicrafts such as cashmere, seal, mosaics, pottery, rugs, copper containers, utensils, and …

Nuts and Spices

Locally produced nuts and spices and imported ones are on sale in shops all over the market.


Most exotic pickles from local recipes. Trying is free, but some of them might not appeal to every taste.


Jewel stores are the shining diamond of Tehran bazaars. Here you can see jewels made by Iranian craftsmen with a universal quality.

The Fruit Market

The most colorful and spirit-lifting part of the bazaar is the fruit market. The scent of the fresh vegetables and

Fruit Market in Tajrish Bazaar

Fruit Market in Tajrish Bazaar

Fruit Market

recently picked, juicy fruits at the center of the market, surrounded by old shops built in classic Persian style, is a picture worth capturing. Both by your camera and in your mind.

Famous Cafes and Restaurants around Tajrish

Tajrish is a good place to get a taste of Iranian cuisine.

Etminan Restaurant: One of the neighborhood’s oldest classic restaurants among Tehran bazaars, keeping its original design and quality. It is located across from Samei Mall, in Tajrish traditional bazaar.

Akbar Mashti Ice cream: Try original Persian-style ice cream at this original ice cream shop. We recommend this place when you visit Tehran.

Amoo Yahya Tea house: This is where all the shopkeepers come to let go of some steam or have an enjoyable breakfast every day. It is located at Sahabi intersection, in Darbandi street.

Seyed Mahdi Ash and Halim: Ash and Halim are good choices for every meal of the day, and this is one the best places you could try around Tajrish’s traditional bazaar. The Razavi Mall locates in Tajrish Traditional Bazaar.

Ame Leyla Samanoo: Samanoo is a classic Persian pudding made of wheat sprouts. This nutritious dessert is consumed for breakfast, dinner, or even as a side dish. Make sure you try This while you are visiting Tehran. The best place to try is the Ame Leyla Samanoo shop by the overpass bridge.

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