Tochal Complex and Ski Resort

Tochal Complex and Ski Resort is a good choice for ski lovers in Tehran city, located at the north of the city, Tochal mountain.

This ski resort is operational for almost 8 months of the year.

Tochal Complex is equipped with every kind of entertainment units such as paintball field, cafes, restaurants, parking, cable car, skiing school and a hotel at the top of the complex.

What makes this a unique entertainment center especially for skiing, is its close proximity to the city.

follow this article from Iran travel guide website about Tochal Complex to get to know this place better.

Overlook of Tochal Complex and Ski Resort

Accessibility: You can use Line 1 of Tehran Metro (color-coded red) and get yourself to Tajrish station and from there get a cab or a shared cab to Velenjak.

Or get to Shahid Afshar terminal and board Velenjak buses and drop off at the last stop.

Open days and hours: Tochal Ski Resort cable car starts working at 8:30 A.M during weekdays and 6:30 A.M. during weekends.


phone number: (+98) 21 24875000

Tochal Complex Facilities

The ski resort of Tochal Complex may not be the most professional one in Tehran, but it is the longest lasting one indeed.

It is operational almost 8 months of the year, has two ski routes and the cable car takes you all the way up to the peak of the Tochal mountain.

The Cable Cabins

Tochal Cable car is the longest in the country, more than 1800 meters long. It has 3 stops at stations No.1, five and 7 at Tochal mountain.

In order to get the ski resort you have to drop off at station No.5 and get into a second line of the cable car.

Tochal Cable Cabin
Tochal Cable Cabin

The ticket price for Tochal Complex cable car, at the moment of writing this article (April 2018) was 650,000 RLS.

Operating time is between 8 A.M. to 15 P.M. on weekdays and 6 A.M. to 15 P.M. on weekends.

The Ski Resort

Tochal ski resort offers two ski routes at Tochal mountain:

Route No.1: It starts from the peak of the mountain until the hotel. It is 1200 meters long.

Route No.2: It starts from station No.7 to station No.5. It is 5500 meters long.

In order to rent the skiing equipment – if you don’t have your own – you need to do so at the base station.

The price of renting a pair of ski boards and sticks was around 900.000 RLS at the time of writing this article (April 2018).

If you need other equipment such as ski jackets, boots, ski goggles and gloves, you have to pay extra.

Tochal Hotel

Tochal hotel is the most elevated Hotel in Iran, located at the altitude of 3500 meters above sea level on Tochal mountain, Tehran, Iran.

Tochal hotel has 30 rooms with the view of the city and the mountains.

In order to book a room at Tochal hotel, first, you have to check the weather condition of upcoming days.

Then you have to go to the website of Tochal hotel and book the rooms online or make a phone call.

The phone number and website address are provided above.

The prices of the rooms at the time of writing this article are as follows:

  • single bed room: 2,910,000 RLS
  • twin bed room: 4,330,000 RLS

If you reserve a room at the hotel, you’ll receive a card which enables you to use the cable car for free and you won’t have to stay in the line, as others do.

When you get to the hotel, you’ll be examined by a doctor.

If the doctor decides that your body can’t cope with the altitude and air pressure, you won’t be able to check in at the hotel, and they will give you your deposit back.

The room quality and services are acceptable. Entertainment devices are available for you in the lobby to help you enjoy the cold evening in the warm shelter of the hotel and the restaurant can provide you with nice and light dinner.

The nights up here would be cold, but having a friend by your side could help you to enjoy a night at the most elevated hotel in Iran.

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