Tabriz city

Tabriz city

Tabriz city is the capital of Eastern Azerbaijan province. They are located 700 km from Tehran City, connecting the money to the Bazargan Border (Iran – Turkey border) and Jolfa (Iran – Republic of Azerbaijan border). Tabriz city has deep roots in ancient Persia and contemporary history, and the buildings and landmarks from all those eras enrich Tabriz’s tourism Industry furthermore.

The people of Tabriz city speak in the Azeri dialect and are known for their humorous spirits. A Fun fact about Tabriz is that there are no Beggars anywhere in the city, making Tabriz city the first beggar free in the country!

The climate of Tabriz city during summers is extremely cold, but during the summers, the weather is never any warmer than 30.

Tabriz from Above

Tabriz from Above

So If you are planning to travel to Tabriz, Follow this Iran travel guide article to get an overall understanding of the city and Tabriz tourism:

Travel to Tabriz

Airplane: Daily flights take off from Tabriz International Airport To Tehran, Mashhad, and Isfahan. Other cities also have air travel to Tabriz, but less frequently. Also, international flights to Dubai, Iraq, Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Armenia are available weekly.

You can take the city buses from the Tabriz Bazaar Bus station to get to Tabriz International Airport via public transport.

Train: Tabriz city is connected to Tehran city and Jolfa city by railway. Daily trains depart to these destinations.

You can use BRT and city buses and get off at the railway station stop to get here.

Bus: Buses are coming and going to most of the cities in the country. Tabriz city Bus terminal is located on the southern side of the town; there are City buses available to get you to Tabriz terminal from the city center.

Getting around in Tabriz city

Tabriz Metro: only some parts of Line 1 of Tabriz Metro are operational, connecting southeast of the city to the city center. Like the Tehran metro, you can acquire a disposable one-use ticket for every ride you take or get a credit card ticket, which is also accepted by the city buses and the BRT system.

BRT: Iran’s Bus Rapid Transit network is active in many cities. It is operational in Tabriz city, allowing you to swiftly get to high-density areas of the city. You can use these buses via credit cards or pay in cash.

City buses: the city buses in Tabriz city accept both cash and credit cards as a method of payment.

Tabriz Hostels and Hotels

Tabriz tourism is swarming with domestic and International travelers every year. Several choices are available in the city, meeting every need and demand. Most of the Tabriz Hostels and hotels are located on Ferdosi street.

Pars guest house: a budget option among Tabriz hostels. We are located: at the corner of Miar Miar and Ferdosi street. There’s a large courtyard here which is both pretty and useful for cycle tourists.

Phone number: +98 914 860 1684

Mashhad Guest house: another budget option among Tabriz hostels in Ferdosi street.

Phone number: +98 41 3555 8255

Ghods Hotel: a couple of levels higher than the previous option in Tabriz hostels, but still with a reasonable price and convenient access to public transportation. We are located at Terminal Ghadim Square (old terminal square) right across from Golestan Garden.

Phone number: +98 41 3556 8098

Hotel International: A five-star option in Tabriz hostels and hotels with acceptable service quality. We are located at Daneshgah square, Azadi boulevard.

Phone number: +98 41 3334 1081

Tabriz Tourism

There are enough sights and attractions available in Tabriz city and its surroundings to keep you busy for at least a week when you travel to Tabriz. Qajar museum, Constitutions house, and the Blue Mosque are three of the must-sees in Tabriz tourism. Aside from those, El Goli is one of the city’s wonders. It is a castle in the middle of a water pound surrounded by a large Persian Style Garden, creating a surreal scene.

Sa’at (watch tower) Square and the Museum of Municipality are other landmarks of the city, helping you to get a better image of the ethics of Tabrizi People on your travel to Tabriz.

Tabriz grand Bazaar is the largest Bazaar in the world, with hundreds of stores and dozens of mosques, tea houses, and restaurants, and… it is undeniably one of the city’s greatest attractions.

Tabriz tourism is not only limited to the city itself. Kandovan Village, Qom Tape Desert, and Arasbaren forest are a couple of the top sights around the city that you must visit when traveling to Tabriz.

What to eat in Tabriz city?

Kufteh Tabrizi
Kufteh Tabrizi

Kufteh Tabrizi, Dolma, and Tabrizi Ash are some of the most popular Iranian cuisine dishes available only in Tabriz city.

Also, don’t forget that Tabrizi chefs and backers are famous for their skills all around the country. So make sure you try the local Iranian sweets and desserts such as the cookies, Ris, Qurabieh, Baklava, and Rahat-ol Holghum.



Tabriz Souvenirs

Tabriz Carpet Bazaar
Tabriz Carpet Bazaar

The Azerbaijan region, especially Tabriz, is famous for its handmade rugs and carpets. The carpets’ designs and the local artisans’ skills are impressive. Also, Tabriz is a hub for leather-made accessories and shoes in the country, with the best qualities and the most reasonable prices. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, make sure you visit the shoemakers’ market and the Carpet Market in the Grand Bazaar to enjoy the beauty of their products.

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