Tehran Railway Station is located at the center of the Tehran city. It marks the beginning of Valiasr street, the longest street in the Middle East. This is the most crowded station in the whole country and runs services to most of the cities in the country.

Follow this article to find out more about Tehran Railway Station, Iran Railway Network and how to get your hands on Iran Train Tickets, for when you decided to make your Iran travel.

Overlook of Tehran railway station

Accessibility: in order to get to Tehran railway station, the heart of Iran Railway Network, you can take line 3 of Tehran metro and get off at Tehran railway stop.

or you can take the buses that head to Tehran railway station bus terminal.

website: tehran.rai.ir

Phone number: 021 5149

Tehran railway station was the last piece of railway puzzle that Reza Shah (last king of Iran) had in mind. When it was constructed, in the year of 1930, it was a major step forward towards development for the whole of Iran. Still, after so many years, this building is a sign of advancement.

The building was designed by a Ukrainian architect and constructed by a German Engineer. The building’s design was adopted from ancient Persian designs. It is supposed to manifest greatness and power. The tall doors, ceiling to floor windows, and a huge walkway in front of the building are other elements of this design.

There are numerous hotels and hostels available around Tehran railway station, which you can choose from according to your needs.

Choose Your Destinations to Travel to Iran!

Tehran railway station provides services to the following destinations:

and of course, these are only the final stations. All the cities and stations on the way are also serviced by the passing trains.

Iran Train Tickets

In order to get your hand on Iran train tickets, you have 2 choices: either go to a flight agency and ask for Iran train tickets OR go online and book your ticket.

You can find best mobile apps for doing so by checking out the related article on irantourism blog.

Traveling on Iran railway network

Traveling by train in Iran can be a good choice when it comes to comfort and seeing the nature, on certain routes. But note that Iranian trains are very slow on most of the routes (except for Mashhad), so if you are in a hurry, buss would be a much faster and better choice for you.

In Iran railway network, it’s normal for people to ask the wagon master to pair single ladies and gentlemen in same-gender rooms. So if you find yourself a bit uncomfortable, you can easily ask to be replaced.

The restrooms are located on either side of the wagons, and usually, one of them is in seating shape and the other one in oriental shape.

If you are a smoker, you are not allowed to smoke in the rooms, but you can do so at either sides of the wagons, where the wagons are connected together.

And usually, there is a restaurant car available on the trains to the destination which takes more than 12 hours.

Aside from the scheduled stops to drop off the passengers, the trains usually stop once or twice more, for 20 minutes so that the passengers could say their prayers. Be careful not to miss your train in these situations.

During the ride, you will be served a small snack such as a cake and a water bottle. you can ask the train Host for other servings or dinner or lunch to be served at your room for you.

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