Ancient Persia Trip Plan

Ancient Persia Trip Plan

Ancient Iran dates back to 3000 BC (2700 ~ 549 BC) and divides into two major pre-Persian civilizations (Elamite Empire & Median Empire) and five dynasties described as Persian Empires (224 ~ 1925 AD) (Achaemenid Empire, Sasanid Empire, Safavid dynasty, Afsharid dynasty, and Qajar dynasty). During these periods many Persian cities served as the capital and this is the reason ancient Iran provides a rich experience for many different tastes. At one point, ancient Iran extended from current northern India to Rome. Ancient Iran is based on art, and emotion of this great nation.

Our 14 days "Ancient Iran", a guide to visit 8 major Persian cities for tourists to visit Iran, is a fraction of possible options to choose from. Each day may suggest different sections such as; "Visit Iran" targeted for ancient Iran explorers, and "Nature Explorers". Other Persian cities that could be explored relating to Ancient Iran are; Kerman city, Yazd city, Kashan, Tabriz city, etc. contact us for further questions.

Ancient Persia Trip Plan


Day 1 - Tehran
Day 2 - Zanjan

Distance between Tehran city to Zanjan city (other Persian cities) is approximately 350 km and if you are a hitchhiker you are in luck. You can certainly find many rides to go from Tehran to Zanjan. Tehran-Karaj highway (highway #2) would be your starting point to find your ride in the morning. Other ways of transportation are buses and flights.

  • Buses are available from the “Tehran West Terminal (Terminal Gharb)”, on the southwest corner of the Azadi Sq. that can be reached using metro’s line 4 and exit at “Meydan-e Azadi” station, hiring a ride hailing app in Iran, or a taxi.

Depending on distance, buses will cost between 200,000 to 1,000,000 RLS per trip from all Persian cities to another.

  • Air transport that can be booked on line on Persia Travel Mart or purchased at the counter in Tehran’s domestic airport; Mehrabad Airport.

If this is not a non-stop trip to Zanjan in your travel plan, you can make a stop in Qazvin and spend the afternoon and evening in this old Persian city visiting places and enjoying particular cuisine (food and sweets) of this region.

Visit Iran attractions:

If not, continue your trip to Zanjan and this is the end of your day 2. In the evening you can visit bazaar and get acquainted with where things are and get ready for a big day in Zanjan.

Day 3 - Zanjan

In Zanjan you may choose to make a quick stop and proceed to Hamadan city or stay overnight to rest-up.

Visit Iran attractions:

  • Zolfaqari House
  • Jameh Mosque of Zanjan
  • Zanjan Bazaar

On your way out to Hamadan you could visit one of the most magnificent caves in Iran;

And then proceed to visit Lalehjin, known for its world class pottery art;

  • Lalehjin
Day 4 - Hamadan
  • Drive to Hamadan takes about 5 hours and the distance is approximately 400 km. However, it’s a short distance; we recommend taking your time and enjoy the drastically changing scenery as you are ascending to mountainous area.

    Nature explorers, visit;

    • Alvand
    • Ganjnameh Waterfall

    Visit Iran attractions:

    • The Tomb of Avecinna
    • Tomb of Esther and Mordechai
    • Baba Taher Tomb
    • Ganjnameh Inscription
    • Evangelical Church & Stephen Gregory Church
    • Alavian Dome
    • Hamadan Bazaar
Day 5 - Kermanshah
  • It only takes less than a hundred kilometers in Iran for culture, climate and landscape to change entirely. Being a four season country and many major Persian cities located at close distances, travelers experience a unique situation when visit Iran, especially when traveling by ground transportation.

    Although distances to and around Kermanshah city (important city at ancient Iran) seems to be short, due to being seasonal weather transpiration can be slow and time consuming; hence a two-day plan in this city is more preferable for travelers less familiar with this area.

Day 6 - Kermanshah
  • Nature explorers, visit;
    • Mount Paraw
    • Do-Ashkaft Cave
  • Visit Iran attractions:

    • Carvansaray and Behistun Inscriprion
    • Taq-e Bostan of Sassanid dynasty
    • Temple of Anahita
    • Bam-e Kermanshah, a high point overlooking the whole area that serves visitors a view for late night tea and local cuisines
  • Another special treatment for travelers of ancient Iran plan is to meet Kurd nomads. Only and last one of many nomad tribes in the world who pass through Kermanshah during late winter and late summer. If you wish to plan your trip to travel with Kurd nomads you can contact locals in

Day 7 - Ahvaz & Shush

Shush is one of the oldest Persian cities in ancient Iran, currently capital of Khuzestan province, located on the way from Kermanshah city to Ahvaz city.

Visit Iran attractions:

  • Chogha Zanbil (ancient Elamite complex)
  • Shush Castle
  • Tomb of Daniel
  • Palacd of Darius in Susa
  • Masejd Soleyman (first oil exploration in the Middle East)
Day 8 - Shiraz

Most road connecting Persian cities of ancient Iran are transit roads with lots of trucks and public transport means passing through. The road from Ahvaz to Shiraz city is especially busy; therefore, this 450 km is a slow drive. Thus, day eight of your trip to ancient Iran city will be mostly passing through this beautiful mountainous region to plateau and partly desert.

Visit Iran attractions here:

  • Visit Qasgqaee People (in appropriate seasons)
  • City of Bishapur
  • Tang-e-Chogan

Look for a comfortable place that suites your needs as we’d like to call this ancient Iran’s city the epicenter of Iranian culture and you will be spending the next couple days here.

Day 9 - Shiraz

Shiraz is probably the most significant of all Persian cities that served as the capital to the first Persian dynasty with many great archeological sites, Iranian gardens, mosques, and numerous collections of Islamic art and architecture to visit. Shiraz was recognized as the first official capital city between all other Persian cities and earned itself the reputation for being so beautiful build to portray the heaven on earth with mild climate, endless orchards, and hospitable people.

Although, exploring Shiraz definitely requires a longer stay, it doesn’t mean our travelers of visit Iran, can’t grasp the real feel in a two/three days’ time our plan has allocated to this city.

In the morning visit gardens and outdoors places to avoid midday heat.

Visit Iran tourism attractions here:

In the evening visit indoors sites and museums to enjoy the cool breeze of this thoughtfully designed and engineered ancient Persian city.

Visit Iran places like:

Day 10 - Shiraz
Day 11 - Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan is through another transit route. Enjoy the ride and change of landscape.

  • Visit old and new gates of the old city of Shiraz on your way out.

In the evening when arrived to Isfahan do not miss the walk along the Zayanderud river and the beautiful views of the Si-o-Se Pol (Allahverdikhan Bridge) and the Khaju bridge.

Day 12 - Isfahan
  • Visit Iran tourists like:
    • Naqsh-e-Jahan Square
    • Vank Cathedral
    • Chehel sotoun palace
    • Emam Khomeini mosque
    • Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
    • Ali Qapu palace
    • Ali Gholi Agha Hammam
    • Qeysariyeh bazaar and Handicraft workshops.
Day 13 - Isfahan
  • Visit Iran attractions like:
    • Menar Jonban
    • Shah Mosque
    • Qazvinis’ House
    • Hasht Behesht
    • Joubi Bridge
    • Bedkhem Church
    • Mary Church, Isfahan
    • Ali minaret
  • Nature explorers; visit:

    • Mount Soffeh
    • Fire Temple of Isfahan
    • Nazhvan Forest Park (Park)

But all of them is not available on winter and you can just use snow mobile which is kind of motorcycle for riding on snow the price is 530,000 RLS/ per person.

There is a Minibob activity for beginners who want to snow tubing on snow and the price is 180,000 RLS/ Per Person for two hours.

This Iranian ski resort has fast food restaurant, cafe and Iranian restaurant too.

If you have more time and would like to visit other places in Shiraz I would recommend you to visit bellow places:

  • Naren-jestan garden
  • Zinat-ol malek house
  • Vakil mosque
  • Khan school
  • Pars museum
  • Haft Tanan museum
  • Afifabad garden
  • Meshkin-faam museum

After all, backing to Tehran by airplane through international Shiraz airport would be best and easiest way. However, it is possible to back by bus through Kar-an-dish Terminal in Shiraz to Tehran too.

Day 14 - Tehran

Last day of ancient Iran trip, check out Fin Garden a historical public Persian cities style garden. This route conveniently takes you to IKA airport in case you planned your trip to end without visiting Tehran again.

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