Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most highly regarded of Iranian Art museums. It is located on the eastern side of Laleh Park, adjacent to the Iran Museum of Carpet. The Modern Art Collection of this museum is one of the top 10 museums outside of America and Western Europe, with collections from Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, William Turnbull, Pablo Picasso, and …

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Overlook of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Accessibility: to get to The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art using public transport means, you can take Azadi to Hafte-Tir busses and get off at Laleh Park station or, you can also take the Shahid Chamran line BRT bus and get off at Baqer Khan station. Then the museum would be a 10-minute walk away.

The closest Tehran Metro Station to here is Enghelab Square Stop.

Open days and hours: Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is open Sunday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone number: 021 8898 9374

Entrance fee: 500,000 RLS

Summary of Iranian Art Museums

Iran art museum
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most iconic Iranian Art museums. It was established half a century ago by the direct order of Her Majesty Empress Farah Pahlavi, and since then has been one of the top museums in the country. The design of the building is adopted from the Yazd City wind catcher towers.

The collections of the permanent exhibitions have been hand-picked by Her Majesty the Empress and purchased from the treasury of the national oil company.

There are 9 galleries available here, 3 of them dedicated to permanent exhibits of domestic and foreign artists’ productions, and 6 of them dedicated to holding temporary exhibitions. Most of the museum’s area is located underground, with a circular walkway descending downwards with galleries branching outwards.

There is an exhibition of statues outside of the building in the surrounding yard. This open-air permanent exhibition is also visible from outside of the museum.

Some of the most famous collections in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art are as follows:

  • Still Life with Head-Shaped Vase and Japanese Woodcut, by Paul Gauguin
  • Mural on Indian Red Ground, by Jackson Pollock
  • Gabrielle with Open Blouse, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Painter and Model, by Pablo Picasso
  • Two Figures Lying on a Bed with Attendants, by Francis Bacon
  • The Therapeutae, by René Magritte
  • Suicide (Purple Jumping Man), by Andy Warhol
  • Horse and Rider, by Marino Marini
  • Landing the Catch, by Henry Peach Robinson
  • Sanctified, by Parviz Tanavoli

It is believed that the overall worth of the Modern Art held in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is more than £2.5 billion. Most of them are stored securely in the underground safe of the museum, and only available to visit during occasional exhibitions that take place.

Also, a section of the museum is dedicated to a library with thousands of art-related books, available for the researchers to take advantage of. but this room is not open to the visitors.

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