Tehran, Iran Sa’dabad Complex: A Glimpse into Tehran’s Royal Heritage

Sa'dabad complex

Sa'dabad complex

Sa’dabad Complex is a treasury of Tehran city‘s culture and history during three stages. It is one of the biggest Tehran museums. Qajar monarchs initially constructed it at the end of their period, and it continued until the first Pahlavi era (Reza Khan). It was expanded during the second Pahlavi era (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi).

To know more about the most important must-see in Tehran, Sa’dabad Complex, the richest Tehran Museum, follow this Iran travel guide article.

Overlook of Sa’dabad Complex

Accessibility: Za’faranieh Gate: Take 9-46 or 11-2 usual buses or bus rapid transit network in Iran (BRT) line 7 (dark green) and Tehran Metro line 1 to Tajrish terminal.

To reach Za’faranie Gate, take Asad Abad or Asef taxies on the west side of Tajrish Square, get off at Shahid Taheri Street, and take 5 minute walking to reach the gate.

To reach the Tehran museum from Darband Gate, go to Tajrish Square. At the beginning of Ja’fari Street and Qods Square (next to the metro station), take a taxi to Darband Square.

Despite accessibilities from Tajrish Square to the gates, it only takes 25 minutes to walk to the Za’faranieh gate, which is highly recommended in the spring days of Tehran.

Open Days and Times: During Spring and Summer, it’s available from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Ticket sales are open until 5 P.M.
During Autumn and Winter, it’s open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Ticket sales are open until 4 P.M.
Website: en.sadmu.ir/
phone number: 021-27940379

Tehran. Iran Sa’dabad Complex

Sa’dabad Complex is located at the northernmost point of Tehran. From the north, it’s surrounded by a range of Alborz mountains. Other parts of the city surround it from three different directions.

This complex contains 18 palaces, each belonging to a specific blue-blooded Pahlavi.

Sa’dabad Complex is a 1,100,00 square meters mansion that the Darband River goes through and rinses most tourist places in Iran in the first Pahlavi period. However, a water shortage in the second Pahlavi era led them to beget aqueducts.

Sa'dabad complex
Sa’dabad complex

Nowadays, 12 aqueducts exist in Sa’dabad Complex.

In Sa’dabad Complex, you can also visit the biggest Tehran museum. After the 1978 Revolution of Iran, the complex became one of many Tehran museums.
• Tehran Museum of White Palace (Mellat Museum): the summer house of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (king of Iran)
• Asvad Palace (minister’s office): The building is used as the Museum of Fine Arts
• Shams Palace: The royal clothing museum
• Ashraf Palace: The Royal Dishes Museum
• House of Gholam Reza (brother of Iran’s king): The Royal Weapon Museum
• Shahram Palace: The Military Museum
• Behzad Museum
• Mir Imad Calligraphy Museum
• Royal Albums and Documents Museum
• The Royal Kitchen Museum• Omidvar Brothers Museum
• The Water Museum, Farshchian Museum, and Royal Cars Museum have all been added in recent years.

Facilities of Sa’dabad, Tehran, Iran Museum

There is a store in front of Za’faranieh gate, which provides customers with cultural products. Two coffee shops are located next to Mellat Palace Museum and Green Palace Museum, catering to visitors with Iranian and European breakfasts and cold and warm lunches with drinks. Some vehicles with fare prices have been provided to facilitate commuting between palaces for visitors in the Sa’dabad Complex.

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