Russian Church in Qazvin, Iran

Cantor Church, the Russian Church or the Bell Tower is one of the Religious Qazvin attractions. It is not an old structure, but it is important because it’s the only Russian orthodox church in Qazvin city. Because no Russian Orthodox follower lives in Qazvin city, Russian church holds no ceremonies and today it is transformed into one of Qazvin attractions.

So, follow this article from Iran Travel Guide Center on the Russian Church, In order to find out more about this smallest of Qazvin attraction.

Overlook of Russian Church in Qazvin

Accessibility: in order to get to Russian church, you can take city buses to either Azadi square stop, or Mellat park. The Church then will be within your walking distance. There is no subway in Qazvin like Tehran metro or even bus rapid transit network in Iran.

Phone number: +98 910 089 6602

Summary about Russian Church at Qazvin, Iran

Qazvin attraction list is a long and rich one. If you are into historical buildings and structures, you won’t run out of options among them. The Russian church in Qazvin is one of the religious attractions in Qazvin. It was built by the hands of the Russian occupying forces during the second world war.

Because this land previously to the establishment of the church was the Headquarters for Russian troops stationed in Qazvin city, this building is also called by the name of Cantor (Russian for “center”) church and the Bell tower, because of its tall bell tower.

It is the smallest church existing in Iran, and one of the three churches in Qazvin city but the other two are not open for visit.

At the entrance of the church, with is facing the west, there is a small grave yard with two small graves, belonging to a Russian pilot and an engineer.

The exterior of the church has is covered with red bricks and the corners of the building are column-shaped. These all have added to the beauty of the Qazvin church and transformed it into one of the must-sees of Qazvin attractions.

The building itself has a hall which houses a pray room and an altar. On top of these all, the larger one of the two domes of the church cover the ceiling of this room. The walls and the ceilings have no decorations and are painted in blank white. there is a large Russian Orthodox cross pinned to the wall in front of the altar. This cross has a slantwise line at the bottom. It is because the Russian church followers believe that Jesus Christ had also his legs stretched to the sides and tied down to inflict the maximum amount of pain. There are two small rooms in the building, at two ends of the church.


The interior enjoys a simple and plain design, showing that the Russian troops emphasized on the utilization of the building rather than its beauty.

Today, although no ceremony or prayer sessions take place in this church anymore, but Russian Orthodox church in Qazvin is a hub for people and visitors, in order to gain some information about Russian Architecture, The Russian Orthodox Church and their customs.

There’s also a gallery of local artists handmade jewelry available inside the building, giving them the opportunity to express their goods to travelers, as well as the local visitors.

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