Milad Tower: Iran’s Monument to Modernity

Milad tower

Milad tower

Milad Tower, an impressive architectural structure known as the insignia of Tehran, is one of the most magnificent Tehran tourist attractions.

Milad Tower (or as it is called in Persian: Borje Milad) is a mass-appealing tourist attraction that can be seen from almost anywhere in Tehran. Iran Travel Guide Center invites you to read the complete article.

History of Milad Tower

Milad Tower, a staggering 435-meter (1,427 ft.) high multipurpose Tower, was part of the Shahestan Pahlavi project and is a remarkable symbol of Tehran, designed in the 1970s but never materialized except for the Tower.

After an international competition, the project was awarded to the Llewellyn Davies Company, and construction was inaugurated on August 19, 1975.

However, later architectural modifications were considered and applied from 2000 to 2009 to make it internally and externally specious to make it one of the most stunning Tehran tourist attractions.

Structure and Features of Milad Tower

features of Milad Tower

features of Milad Tower

Milad Tower, the 6th tallest Tower in the world, is a multipurpose tower with varying combinational structures and features, making it one of the best Tehran tourist attractions.

Besides telecommunication, it also includes a rotating sky restaurant. It is used as a convention, exhibition, and conference center (a nearby building in the same complex), and tourists are strongly recommended to experience that.

The lobby structure of Milad Tower has six floors, accommodating many food courts and trade units, including three floors with 63 trade units, 11 food courts, art galleries, and commercial products exhibitions that you can find there.

Restaurant of Milad Tower

The shaft is a concrete structure made from the ground floor, and six elevators on three different sides of the shaft are used to transfer the visitors to the head of the Tower, besides an emergency staircase at the fourth side.


Considerations for Visiting Milad Tower

  • If we, the Iran tourist team were to collect a list of Iran’s most visited modern attractions, Milad Tower would be at the top due to Iranians’ sense of pride regarding this Tower as one of the most impressive Tehran tourist attractions. As a result, Milad Tower is considered a “MUST SEE” by locals.
  • The best time to visit the open observation deck of the Tower is either during the early hours of the day when the sky is clear to get a view of the whole city or around sunset to enjoy the endless lights of Tehran’s nights.
  • As of this year, the dinner buffet of the revolving Sky restaurant was about 40 US dollars and included a variety of Italian, Chinese, and Persian foods. It is recommended to make a reservation beforehand.
  • Milad Tower is considered a usual celebration and musical concert location for different events in the year. So it is recommended to follow Iran travel guide websites and apps to know the schedule and details. It is worth mentioning that different tickets can be bought from the ticket counter depending on which part of the Tower you want to visit.
  • One of the most attractive parts of the Tower belongs to the Dolphinarium (Dolphins Park), which is the first non-coastal Dolphinarium in the Middle East and the highest one in the world, which would attract tourists and citizens in the cultural-recreational Milad Tower. It has a span of 3,200 square meters and a daily capacity of 1,200 visitors at each showtime. It would be open for four show times a day.
  • Considering all the above features and characteristics, Milad Tower is one of the outstanding Tehran tourist attractions.

How to get to Milad Tower?

There are various ways, based on your taste, to go there. You can take the Metro or BRT to “Azadi Sq.” station near the Azadi Tower, at Azadi Sq. You can buy the tickets at about 10 cents at the entrance of each bus or metro station.

Then you can go to the bus terminal, take a bus to “Vanak,” and take off the bus at Milad station to finally find Milad Tower. Also, you can take taxis based on where you are currently in the city and go directly or indirectly to the places mentioned above, part by part.

However, Iran Tourism advises you to use the internet taxi services of Snapp or TAPSI, which work similarly to Uber, as the most convenient way. You can follow the instructions for using those apps by clicking on the exact word.

You can buy the entrance ticket by going to this website. You may use Google Chrome or other applications to translate the page to your language at 350000 RLS.

Milad Tower website:

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