safety in Iran

safety in Iran

Safety in Iran is controversial for tourists and other people who want to travel to Iran. They could be asked about Iran tourism safety or safety in Iran, and even specifically, they could be questioned if Iran is safe or not. Iran tourism invites you to read the complete article before travelling to Iran.

Media Perspective on Iran Safety

Nowadays, it is not undercover anymore that media has an impressive effect on people’s minds. According to psychologists, media is an important factor affecting people’s decisions.

As soon as you turn on your TV or open a website on your laptop or phone, you get ready for the input of information that directly or indirectly affects your decisions.

Iran solo female travel

Iran solo female travel

IRAN is a safe place for solo female travellers; even though you believe something or not, successively repeating some information through your ears or eyes has a huge effect on your brain and, consequently, your mind and opinion.

This information could be advertising the presidency in the United States, safety in Iran, or anything else.

Among all the topics in the news, there are some topics and pieces of information that can’t be proven or the source of that information can’t be trusted or is unknown.

The situation worsens when there are many unbiased media due to financial or power goals supported by special departments and even directly from some politicians’ groups for advertising their goals by suggesting to share a NEWS with the same direction as their benefits.

One sign of this issue is checking the resources of these media’s income and salaries.

The topics of “Iran tourism safety” or extensively “safety in Iran” and “travel to Iran” whether can be categorized as the first group of unproven and entrusted sources or as the second group of sharing news from unbiased media, has gotten the negative effects on people’s minds;

however, the realities prove the positive aspects of safety in Iran or especially Iran tourism safety.

Tourists’ Experiences Perspective on Iran

An undeniable source of Information about Iran’s tourism safety is the tourists who have already visited Iran. As the writer of this article, I haven’t seen any tourists who have had negative views about Iran’s situation and specifically people’s safety in Iran or Iran’s tourism safety.

Even developed countries have problems that could be assumed unpleasant to their people or tourists who visit that country; however, tourism safety is not one of them in Iran.

Chinese tourist in Qeshm

Chinese tourists in Qeshm

Although you can listen to or read some negative news about safety in Iran, realities especially received from tourists as the unbiased source demonstrates something else.

I have been a host in Tehran city and Isfahan city to many tourists worldwide who travel to Iran. It’s not a surprise to me anymore that my guests from China, Germany, and France got impressed due to conflicts between what they could listen to or read in the NEWS in media and what they saw in reality when they were in Iran.

Specifically, my female guests were surprised by the contrasts between negative news of Iranian women’s situation in media and the real case.

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