Best time to visit Iran

best time to visit Iran

best time to visit Iran

The Best time to visit Iran can differ for each tourist. This time can depend on your preferences, whether you want to see nature or history, like skiing in the snowy ski resorts or want to spend a day in the desert.

Iran is a four-season country, which means there are numerous attractions available for you to enjoy, regardless of the season or Iran’s climate.

Different Weather in Iran

Spring Time

Spring Time in Iran
Spring Time in Iran

Spring marks the start of the new solar year in Iran called “Nowruz.”

It is one of the most original Persian traditions, with beautiful and delicate manners and customs. The first two weeks are a national holiday, and most of the Iranians are on travel.

You should avoid traveling the country during this time because the prices surge and the roads get extremely crowded. But the rest of the spring is just delightful.

The weather in Iran during this season in most parts is about 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

This is a good time to enjoy the natural sights, especially the northern forests and hiking trails.

Shiraz has world-renowned fame this season, with its gardens of sour orange blossoming covering the whole town with their mesmerizing scent (from April to May).

Summer Time

summer time in Iran
Summer Time in Iran

Summer is vacation time for most students all around the world.

The weather in Iran during summer is hot in southern and central parts but cool and pleasant in northern and north-western regions.

During this season, many domestic tours also take place, allowing you to use high-quality and reasonably priced offers.

It is the best time to visit some cooler cities in Iran, such as Tabriz in the northwest, Mashhad in the northeast, Sanandaj in the west, and Yasuj in the central region, where Iran’s climate is cool most of the year.

Also, Ahvaz in the southwest is the” hottest city on earth” during summer, with a recorded temperature of 60 under the shade! Ahvaz has the most terrible of Iran’s climates!

If you want to try this kind of temperature, summer is the best time to visit Iran’s southern part.

Autumn Time

Autumn time in Iran
Autumn time in Iran

Iran’s climate during autumn is a bit unpredictable.

Rain showers and cool breezes are the vanguards of the cold winter to come.

This is a low season for domestic travelers, so most of the tourist attractions and hotels are empty and offer discounts.

It is the best time to visit Iran‘s deserts, such as the Maranjab desert and Shahdad desert, and enjoy a night of camping and star gazing there.

Visiting central cities such as Isfahan city and Kashan must be a part of your plan during this time of year because it is the least crowded period with the most delightful weather in Iran.

Winter Time

Winter Time in Iran
Winter Time in Iran

Iran’s climate during winter is suitable for backpacking in southern cities.

It is the best time to visit the Persian Gulf Islands like Qeshm Island and Kish Island or visit the UNESCO world heritage historical sites such as Susa, chuqa Zanbil, Persepolis, and Bishapur.

Northern and western cities face a bitter cold and are mostly covered with snow.

It is also the time to get the advantage of the ski resorts all around the country, such as Tochal ski resort in Tehran City and Fereydoon Shar ski resort in Isfahan city.

More info about the Best Time to Visit Iran

Except for Nowruz, there are two other occasions that the situation is not normal in Iran (maybe including unsuitable weather in Iran):

  1. 30 Days of Ramadan. Muslims in all the Islamic countries this month go through fasting, and no one is allowed to drink or eat in public. Please read our article on Ramadan in Iran for more info.
  2. Ten days during Muharram. Ashura Mourning Festival takes place during this lunar month, and the date
    Muharram in Iran
    Muharram in Iran

    changes every year. During this time, the whole country goes through public mourning, and special customs and traditions occur. It is a tradition worth visiting, but the overall atmosphere of the country is glum.

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