Iran Mesr desert: Nature’s Silent Majesty

Iran Mesr desert

Iran Mesr desert

Iran Mesr desert is one of the Iranian deserts which is near a village named (Mesr) around Isfahan city. Mesr village is a small town which is located 55 km from Khor and Biabanak (خور و بیابانک) county around Isfahan.

Occupation of the people who lived in this city before the reputation of Iran Mesr desert was only farming and animal husbandry but now they also meet the needs of tourists and visitors.

Mesr village has good basic facilities. You can get to know Iranian food culture by finding tasty Iranian cuisine here. Some local foods are Abgoosht (ابگوشت), Kaljoosh (کالجوش), and Camel Kebab (کباب شتر).

How to Go to Iran Mesr desert?

You have two choices: either you can go by tour or you want to use your car, First, you have to go to Khor and Biabanak counties in Isfahan then Jandagh (جندق) village, and then you get to Mesr village. Another way is to first go to Naeen (نایین) from Isfahan then go to Jandagh village and finally reach Mesr village.

Best Time to Travel to Iran Mesr Desert

The best time to travel to Iran’s Mesr desert is autumn and winter. In spring and summer, it’s scorching hot but if you want to choose between these two seasons, you can choose April (Farvardin/فروردین) and May (Ordibehesht/اردیبهشت). You have to bear in mind that although the weather is moderate in Iranian deserts it will be cold at night.

Villages Around Iran Mesr Desert

When you travel to Mesr village, you can also visit villages around like Garmeh (گرمه), Farahzad (فرحزاد) and Amirabad (امیرآباد). Garmeh has a beautiful palm grove. It has also a pond (Talab/تالاب) and a castle. Amirabad has sandy hills and the area is covered by tamarisk and Haloxylon bushes and nice palm trees which make an amazing view. Farahzad is in the north of Mesr village which is surrounded by shifting sands.

Attractions of Iran Mesr Desert

Here we introduce you to the attractions of Iran’s Mesr desert which is one of the best Iranian deserts:

1. Mesr Canebrake

It’s located in the northeast of Mesr and east of Farahzad. You can reach this place from both Mesr and Farahzad. You have to pass sand hills by an off-road car. And also need a professional guide.

The heights of reeds are 4 meters in some places. It has salty water and it’s a good place for photography because it’s the fount of wild animals desert-like wolves, scorpions, sandy cats (گربه شنی), sandy fox (روباه شنی), wild quince and …

Mesr Village
Mesr Village

2. Namak-khor (نمک خور) Lake

You can reach this lake through a khor-Tabas way. Get to the south of this lake after passing 50 km.

It’s one of the biggest salty lakes which is covered by pentagon shapes. The shapes of this lake are black in winter and white in summer. Here no plants grow because of salt in the soil.

3. Rig Kale (ریگ کله)

Rig kale is one of the Iranian deserts which is near the Mesr village and you have to go use off-road cars to get here from Amirabad village to the south to reach this place. You can see high sandy hills here. One of the highest sandy hills in Iran is here which is up to 277m height. There is a lake in the part of this zone which is the border of mountains and sandy hills which makes the view great.

4. Saf Bagher Dozdloo (صاف باقر دزدلو)

Saf Bagher Dozdloo is one of the Iranian deserts on the border of Mesr village in the east. This zone is like a small dried lake which is surrounded by hills.

In the south, you can see chalky fields and if you continue your way you will see sandy hills. You can reach this place by going to Mesr Canebrake and passing 4km to the east. This place gives you great views to take photos.

Entertainments at Iran Mesr Desert

Iran Mesr desert is one of the Iranian deserts where you can enjoy your time differently.

· Walking on the Hot Sands of the Desert

When you reach the desert, take off your shoes and walk on the hot sands, Although it’s not easy to walk and it takes a lot of energy you will enjoy the view from up the hills.

· Camel Riding

Camel Riding
Camel Riding

Camel riding is one of the funniest entertainments you can have in the desert.

· ATV Motorcycles

Riding an ATV is another exciting activity that you can experience.

· Off-road Cars

You can rent off-road cars which have drivers. This is one of the most breathtaking activities which is also popular in forests and mountains.

· Photography

In Iranian deserts, you can take astonishing photos as a memorial even if you are immature but give it a try for sure.

· Bicycle Riding

Some people prefer to enter Iranian deserts by bicycle or pass it. If you want to ride a bicycle in this zone, you’d better take your bicycle.

· Observing Stars

You can enjoy the main beauty of the desert at night. Make a fire and enjoy watching the stars in the pure sky of the desert. If you have a telescope, you can experience observing stars differently.

Where to Stay in Iran Mesr desert?

You have various choices for accommodation including hotels and Eco-tourism resorts. The positive point is some ecotourism resorts have guides and hold tours. Also, hotels have good facilities which help you to entertain and enjoy your time.

Here we introduce you to some top hotels to stay:

Bali Hotel (هتل بالی)

It’s a 3-star hotel in Khor and Biabanak county. It has two divided sections; one of them is like a hotel and you can have a bed. The other section is traditional with cotton blankets and pillows which is the favorite section of tourists.

The hotel has a restaurant, coffee shop, billiard room, and stores where you can buy souvenirs. You can reserve online from different websites like:




Or you can call at (+98)9131254828.

Tida Hotel (هتل تی دا)

It’s a 3-star hotel which is 58km from Khor and Biabanak in Farahzad village. It has a restaurant and coffee shop where you can taste Iranian beverages and drinks. You can also taste Iranian sweets and desserts here. In addition, you can benefit from desert tours by a local tour guide here.

You can also rent off-road cars, and ATV motorcycles and go for camel riding here. You can reserve online from the websites above or call (+98)912461237.

Brandaz Tabatabee (بارانداز طباطبایی)

This Eco-tourism resort has two big branches in Farahzad village (Barandaz 1 and Barandaz 2). Barandaz 1 has five rooms and Barandaz 2 has eight rooms.

Note: Each room doesn’t have a kitchen, fridge, TV and internet. You can reserve online at: or you can call (+98)9133234188.

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