Iranian Tea is one of the most essential symbols of Iranian culture which shows that why any Persian tells you that he/she loves to drink Chai (Cha-ee).

Iran travel guide invites you to follow the complete article in order to get the advantage and disadvantage of Iranian tea!

Health Advantages of Black Tea

The reason of becoming the most usual drink for Iranian is due to important healthiness characteristics;

Two cups of black tea have antioxidants as much as five servings of vegetables, tea prevents the formation of blood clots in the main arteries and consuming three cups of tea is an effective way to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Tea Leaves
Tea Leaves

Besides healthiness properties, the taste plays a key role to enjoy drinking tea every day.

Even though black tea originated from china and India, Iranian tea has one of the best quality in the world!

Based on the appropriate weather in the northern parts of Iran for cultivating tea, Iran’s north tea is one of the cleanest, natural and best Persian tea brand around the world.

How to Brew tea?

Even though you may provide different types of Persian tea, the procedure of brewing tea is so simple and mostly common for different types of Persian tea, which can be explained in 7 steps:

  1. Pouring the kettle with cold water and put it on an oven till the water reaches its boiling point.
  2. Pouring the boiled water to the flask or any container you would like to have the tea.
  3. Adding 1-2 tablespoon loose tea to the teapot or flask for having 0.5 or 1 liter tea.
  4. Waiting 10-15 minutes until it gets the desirable color. If you would like to have the heavy (darker) tea you have to wait more, if not sooner is better.
  5. It’s worthwhile mentioning that, although the instruments and container varies for brewing tea, the traditional type, which is strongly recommended to try, includes “Samovar” used for boiled water and “Teapot” for containing the tea. There are many places that serves Iranian traditional tea called “cha-ee khaneh” that you can easily find all over of Iran.
  6. Based on your taste, sugar and its derivations like rock candy or cubic suger can be added and blended with the tea. Also, you can accompany your tea with broken hard sugar or “Poolaki” in all types, time to time.
  7. Adding flavors by mixing saffron, cinnamon and etc is possible for all types of Persian tea based on your taste.

Quality Factor of Black Tea

Quality of the black tea is another property needed to pay attention;

There are many factors contribute to the quality of the tea such as pureness, being natural and etc.

Although many consider the color of tea as a sign of quality, in fact the taste is a genuine factor for professionals!

There are many types of Persian tea you can find in the market for usual usage or as an Iranian souvenir; from original black and green tea to white and huge categories of herbal teas based on any typical herbal powder added to original tea or manufactured as a type of tea.

Take saffron tea from Iranian markets like Tehran Grand Bazaar or Tajrish Traditional Bazaar as one of the most significant examples for adding saffron to original black tea.

Saffron as an Iranian symbol of exportation is used for the taste and fragrant improvements, regardless of its healthiness advantages, in many foods or Iranian beverages like tea.

Adding different flavoring materials to the tea, make it possible to have different types of Persian tea that you can find in the market.

Iran tourism guide center invites you to follow the article to find the best Persian tea brand and its price.

Best Persian Tea Brand

However, taste quality is different from one person to another; the best top 5 best type of Persian tea brands among Iranian People are Ahmad, Twinings Earl Grey Tea, Mahmood Tea, Naderi Tea, Debsh Tea and Ferdows Tea in order.

Prices of Iranian Black Tea

Price of Iranian tea varies a lot based on the brand, type whether is natural or synthetic, weight and etc.

Although you may check types of Persian tea in Amazon to check the price, you can buy the same product much cheaper.

You can check the following approximate price list for some types of Persian tea.

Tea Product name Price (Rls)
500 grams  2 Ghazal 282000
 500 grams  Debsh 30000
Ahmad Seylan type 1 500 grams 276700
Fragrant Ahmad tea 500 grams 337800
Golestan Earl Gray 500 grams 299000
Traditional 450 grams TWININGS 379000
500 grams  2 Ghazal fragrant 357000

* All prices are in RLS.

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