Iranian Sweets and Desserts

Iranian dessert and Iranian sweets are very well known for the Rose water and the Saffron used in them.

These sweets are not only used for everyday occasions, but also on national celebrations and ceremonies and some of them are believed to have health benefits. Let’s look at some of the most famous ones.

All Iranians tend to serve sweets and deserts on their celebrations and ceremonies. It is an important part of Iranian food culture. Some of them like Halva are served only at ceremonies, whereas sweets like Gaz are mostly served at New Year’s Eve. So although Iranians have craving for sweets, each one is only served at a certain kind of gathering.

Persian Style Ice-Cream

There are two types of classic ice cream available in Iran:

Type A: It’s a hard and yellow block of ice cream filled with cream and nuts. It tastes like saffron and is considered the most classic type of Iranian ice cream (Bastani).

You can try this amazing ice cream almost from every ice cream shop in Iran, but we recommend Nemat Ice cream shop. It’s a chain ice cream shop with lots of branches all over the Persian cities.

Type B: a plain white and soft ice cream made from water buffalo milk, the fattiest milk on the planet! You just need to add sugar to it and freeze it to have the ice cream.

It is mostly prepared in southern parts of Iran, in cities like Ahvaz city. If you stop by there, try this Iranian dessert at Majid ice cream shop.

Traditional ice cream is not a kind of Iranian souvenir but they are highly recommended.

Faludeh: It’s a sweet dessert served alone or alongside ice cream and flavored with lemon juice, cherry extract or saffron.

This is the favorite meal of Iranians, especially during hot summers. You won’t believe how frozen noodles could taste so good. Don’t miss this Iranian dessert. We recommend you to try this Iranian dessert at Shiraz city, where it originates from.

Shekarriz ice cream shop behind the Karimkhan Citadel is the best place to try this Iranian dessert. In order to get to this place, you can get Shiraz Metro and get off at Zandieh station or get a bus to Shahrdari station at Shohada square.

If you couldn’t get yourself to Shiraz, you can try it from every other ice cream shop.

Khorosht Mast: this is a pudding made with yogurt and meat! It seems a bit exotic but don’t judge it too soon.

It is usually served as an appetizer or dessert mostly in Isfahan. Try this Iranian style dessert at Azam Restaurant of Isfahan city. Azam restaurant has many branches all around Iranian cities, but the main one is located by the Darvazeh Dolat bus station, making it real easy to access by bus.

Both Faludeh and Khorosht Mast cannot be a good choice as an Iranian souvenir.

Iranian Sweets

Gaz, Baklava, and Sohan: some of the stickiest, most Iranian sweets of all. They all are filled with various nuts and spices, especially saffron. They are all really sweet, with a taste of cardamom.

Gaz is a white sweet made from plant-based extracts and egg white and filled with nuts.

Baklava and Sohan are sweet pastes, fried in hot oil and dressed with nuts.

All of them are served with tea and are good choices as Iranian souvenir, depending on your taste. You can get your hands on them in Isfahan at “Naghshe Jahan Square” and “Muhammad Sima” in Qom city at “Salarieh Square”.

In order to get “Naghshe Jahan Square“, you can get the bus to Darvazeh Dolat station and as for “Salarieh Square” in Qom, you have to take the bus and get off at Golestan bus station.

Halva and Halva Masqati: these two Iranian sweet have the same ingredients but different preparation methods. First one is soft like a pudding and you need a spoon to eat it. But Halva Masqati is a bit more solid and consistent.

These sweets are available at every sweet shop, especially in cities like Kermanshah city and Zanjan city; but the best ones are homemade.

Fooman and Lahijan cookies: two rival cities at two sides of the Gilan province, and they both bake a grade “A” cookie.

These Iranian sweets are filled with nuts and sweetening, they are always the first choice as Iranian souvenir from this north part of Iran.

Kak and Berenji Nan: These two Kurdish-Iranian sweet and also Iranian souvenirs are mostly made in western parts of Iran, in cities like Sanandaj city and Kermanshah.

They are particularly tasty because of animal-based oil used in them. We recommend you try them in Golriz bakery in Sanandaj.

Date fruit cookies: This Iranian dessert is local to the southern parts of Iran. Mixed with cinnamon and cumin and filled with date fruits as sweetening, it goes well with a cup of Persian style tea.

If you stop by southern cities such as Shushtar city, Bushehr and BandarAbbas city, make sure you try this Iranian dessert.

Iranian Dessert: Salty Taste

Lavashak: most popular snack among Iranians is homemade Lavashak or fruit roll. It has a sour and salty taste. It is made from dried fruit paste and the tastes range from summer fruits like berries and cherry all the way to winter fruits such as Kiwi.

Be careful, because the sour salty taste of it is highly addictive! We highly recommend you to try it only at stores and avoid buying it from the cart shops due to health issues. And make sure you pay attention to the expiration date. Lavashak can also make a good choice as an Iranian souvenir.

Try to taste as much Iranian sweet and Iranian dessert as you can but, watch out for your blood sugar levels!

Remember that Tehran city is the best place to get your hands on Iranian deserts and Iranian sweets from every corner in the country, if you can’t make it to the city of origin.

If you are looking for an online website to get your hands on Iranian deserts, Iranian sweets and Iranian souvenir, you can check out related websites.

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