All about Abarkuh Ice House in Yazd Province

Abarkooh Ice House

Abarkooh Ice House

Abarkuh, or Abarghou, is one of the significant cities of Yazd Province that is prominent due to its magnificent 4500 years old cypress, which is severely protected because it is a natural attraction created by nature. Abarkuh is located between three significant cities in Iran, including Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazd.

Abarkuh shares a border with different cities such as Ashkezar, Taft, Abadeh, and Khatam, and in the past centuries, it was situated on the Silk Road. It is home to many natural and ancient attractions, so it sits among the 14 most visited cities in Iran. Icehouse of Abarkuh is the main attraction in Abarkuh that invites many people to explore Abarkuh and its famous attractions.

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What Is the Ice House?

The ice house was a specific structure in ancient Iran used to produce and preserve ice pieces during warm days. This impressive dome-like structure was employed to protect food, too.

It included a pool, storage, and a wall; the wall was high to cover the collection against the sun’s hot rays. It must be interesting to know that the winter’s ice was collected and stored to be utilized in summer; the fantastic structure of the ice house illustrates that ancient Man respected the mother of nature more than modern Man.

The ice houses were made of mud bricks and displayed the mastery of skilled architects that willingly served the nation so that they could enjoy drinking cold water during sweltering summers and preserve the food.

The architects paid close attention to significant points, including selecting the proper materials to insulate the structure, keeping the ice’s temperature, and preventing it from melting. The mud bricks were excellent materials for constructing buildings and ice houses in desert cities because they were quickly prepared and benefited from excellent insulation.

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What Is Abarkooh Ice House?

Abarkooh Ice House in Yazd Province is one of the fourth remaining ice houses, dates back to Qajar Era, and was added to Iran’s national heritage list on 8 March 2003. The Bricked Ice Storage of Abarkuh is nicknamed Agha Icehouse, and its height reaches 22 meters and covers an area of 64 meters.

The diameter of the wall of the Icehouse of Abarkuh is 3 meters, and the depth of the storage area is 4 meters. The Icehouse of Abarkuh consists of specific parts such as the structure’s dome, the high wall, the ice storage area, and the basin for making ice.

The ancient people applied some items like stone, adobe, wood, and lime to construct the building so that it could endure until the present time. Abarkooh Ice House includes two doors on the northern and southern sides; the first was used during winter, and the next was used during summer days to extract cold water.

This nature-friendly ice house was considerably influential in the old times in that it could prepare the required cold water for the inhabitants of this desert city. People covered the doors with mud to minimize the possibility of warm air exchange.

The dome-shaped part of the ice house possessed several apertures for air conditioning and preventing ice from melting. The storage area was filled with water to be frozen, then divided into smaller pieces to be used in the summer.

The Bricked ice storage of Abarkuh is higher than other buildings because the lightweight, warm air tends to move upward; hence the architects benefit from this principle to reduce the heat around the storage unit.

What Are the Significant Architectural Features of Abarkooh Ice House?

inside of Abarkuh ice house

Inside of Abarkuh ice house

As mentioned earlier, the structure was made of specific materials, including adobe, to promote the possibility of its insulation; hence the architects employed stone, sand, lime, and mortar to construct the first 50 centimeters, then applied adobe and mud for the remaining parts. The indicative characteristic of Icehouse of Abarkuh is its unique design and form. This conical dome is vast in the base parts; however, its diameter reduces step by step and becomes narrower on the upper side. If you look at the structure, you can see that various stages surround its body; indeed, this distinctive trick was applied to decrease the possible pressure of the ice house’s weight. Icehouse of Abarkuh has a small opening used to extract ice; if the space was vast, the structure could not preserve ice for the hot days of the year. Most ice houses belonged to wealthy families; however, some were constructed by beneficient persons for ordinary people.

What Are the Close Attractions Near Icehouse of Abarkuh?

Abarkooh houses various attractions; some are universally famous, like the Cypress of Abarkuh, which is 1.2 miles away from Bricked ice storage of AbarKuh. The following historical place is the 1000 years old structure of Gonbad-e Ali, which stands 1.5 miles from the ice house and offers a panoramic view of the city and its giant cypress. Aghazadeh Mansion is significant due to its magnificent Architectural elements and is 1.7 miles from Abarkooh Ice House.

What Are the Best Hotels Near Icehouse of Abarkuh?

If you like to spend some nights in the heart of the desert and enjoy the glory of stars shimmering in the dark sky, there are excellent options for you. Persian Safaiyeh Hotel is a five-star hotel in Yazd that makes your stay memorable. Dad Hotel Yazd is a luxurious four-star hotel that gives you the joy of sleeping in the beating heart of the desert. Some of the travelers of Yazd prefer to stay in the traditional reservoirs; if you are in the same boat, you may join Mostofi House, The Ancient Cypress House, or the Salar Eco-Tourism Residence of Abarkouh.

Bricked ice storage of AbarKuh located in Yazd Province

Bricked ice storage of AbarKuh, located in Yazd Province

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time to Visit Icehouse of Abarkuh?

Bricked ice storage of Abarkuh is located on the shoulder of the desert; consequently, the weather of Yazd is sweltering on summer days; if you want to explore this touristy place, it would be best to Join Abarkuh when the weather is pleasantly cool.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Abarkooh Ice House?

You are supposed to pay 4000T per person to visit this refrigerator which displays the mastery of Iranian architects.

When Is the Bricked ice storage of Abarkuh Open?

Abarkooh Ice House is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and your visit lasts an hour.

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