Google Map Restriction for Iran

google map restriction for Iran

google map restriction for Iran

As one of the leading giants in the world of technology, Google has always provided users with various services in various fields. One of the most popular services of this company is its navigation map called “Google Maps.”

A digital map that, if not the best of its kind, is, without a doubt, one of the best. Google Maps has many features and benefits. Unfortunately, some of these features are not currently available to Iranian users due to the restrictions imposed by Google.

Join us in this article from the Iran Travel Guide Center to learn about Google map restrictions for Iran.

Introduction to Google Maps Services

Google Maps is a popular mapping service owned by Google. Today, with the spread and influence of this map among users, this technology giant is regularly optimizing and increasing its features. Following this issue, since the advent of Google Maps, a wide variety of services have been added to it.

It is safe to say that Google Maps was just like a digital paper map in the beginning. But over time, features such as navigation, satellite imagery, traffic display, and 360-degree imagery were added to make it one of the best digital maps.

Google Map History

In the early 21st century, two Danish brothers at Two Technologies company developed a C++ mapping software. Due to the large companies’ habit of buying innovative startups, Google decided to buy the company and finally acquired it in October 2004.

After acquiring the company and partnering with statistics and geographic information processing companies, Google finally turned the original software into a web application and officially launched it in February 2005 under the name of Google Maps and added this to its other services.

This was the beginning of the great Google Maps project. A map that has undoubtedly become an effective tool today.

Google Maps responds to the needs of a wide range of users in various contexts, from tourists to drivers. Google Maps, originally a web-based service, now has found its way into other platforms, including smartphone, Android, and iOS operating systems.

What is Google Map Restriction for Iran?

Iran Tourism Center in this part will review Google Maps restrictions for Iran. Google map limit for general use is not too much. Following this issue, it is not possible to use public transportation information as well as bicycle routes in Iran. However, you, as an Iranian tourist, will have no problem saving, printing, sharing, and placing maps.

When you save the maps, you can access them through the Your Places option. It is also possible to determine the hotel’s location and attractions on the map for ease of use.

The main and most widely used part of Google Maps is its routing, which you will have no problem using in Iran, and this part does not contain Google map restrictions for Iran.

You can easily navigate the map manually to specify the desired location for both the origin and the destination.

Also, the use of this feature that the user can find places close to any area is not among Google map limits in Iran. Also, to share a location on Google Maps, select the share location button and share it with the person you want.

Offline Mode and Google Map Restriction for Iran

Map download and offline use is a feature that allows the user to receive maps and information on the desired area so that it can be used without the Internet. This is also one of the limitations of the Google Maps limit in Iran.

Unfortunately, Google has restricted Iranian users from downloading offline maps of areas larger than 50 square kilometers at once.

Accordingly, you cannot download the complete offline map of a country and you should just download the city map. So, it is enough to save offline maps of Iran before traveling to Iran and where you do not have access to the Internet, use it to find the most direct route.

Google Map Limit on Iranian Websites

Another useful Google map service is showing Google Maps on the websites. Access to Google Maps service is restricted for some sites with .ir domain. Google has disconnected its API (Application Programming Interface) map service for those Iranian sites that use the .ir domain.

Google’s service has revolutionized the world navigation system and proved that the world is in your pocket. The features and Google Maps services for smartphones are so extensive that it is the best guide for tourists when traveling. Despite what has been said, an important and basic part of Google services works in Iran, and tourists who travel to Iran to use the main services such as sightseeing, hotels, roads, etc. will not feel any problem.

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